Friday, April 20, 2007




kevin said...

if anyone ever' games like tonight, were every inning a new game can be created, and every batter a swing of the game can happen, and how every play, even when the sox were down...felt like it was 2 outs bottom of the ninth intesity.

Nice 2 homer game by MAYrod

too bad he won't be remembered for that, but instead for not producing in the 9th.

Watching the old man Mo come out to the mound all I kept saying was
"he doesn't have 5 outs in him, no way, no how...I'm telling you he is gonna blow this save"
I think my voice is gone I have been screaming so loud.
Seeing Mo blow ANOTHER game in fenway is always fun, but in such dramatic fashion, and to be the losing pitcher on record is a great bonus. el capitan producing when needed, and some great bullpen work(so unlike last year) was nice to see.

OKfreakingJIMA with the clutch was he on the mound.

wow...all I can say is WOW was tonights game a GREAT way to start out such an amazing rivalry yet AGAIN...

Red Sox Fan said...

amen brother amen. What a game. What a win. I gotta love CoCo's hit. Great start to the rivalry.

That game was the microcosism of ARod...2 huge homers when they had that the lead or tied but when they were trailing...lame liner out. Typical A-Fraud.

1-0 Red Sox on the year and a 1 game lead All-time in the games won.

I Love A's Rod said...
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I Love A's Rod said...

Despite his "lack of clutch hits", A-Rod is in the process of doing something very rarely seen before. Hate him, fine. But no matter how rabid a Red Sox fan you might be if you're a baseball fan you can't deny this guy is having as magical a start to his season as Roy Hobbs from The Natural (which was a book first by Pulitzer Prize Winning novelist Bernard Malamud long before it was a film. Read it.) Huskies Fan