Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

- Bloody Sock a fake???
- NFL Draft conversation
- Nascar talk
- Why do you hate Jeff Gordon?
- Mock Draft update

3 pm - Scott Wright
4 pm - John Heyman SI Baseball writer
5 pm - Mark McCarter Sporting News Nascar writer


bigjph said...

When you list the run down of your show you need to add "Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee Update." Your show is getting as bad as ESPN. There is more going on in the sports world than your damn baseball team. If I hear one more word about Schilling's sock I'm seriously going to throw up.

kevin said...

sorry, maybe Matt should just cover what husker nation wants, maybe more info about how the royals suck? how about he goes in depth about the dismal NBA playoffs that nobody watches. or maybe we can cover some of that sweet NHL playoff...wait, is hockey still even a sport?

you wanna change subject, then call in and quit being a little bitch.