Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday Morning Thoughts

Back in the Big O. Here are some of the things rolling around in my head this morning.

- Dana Altman to Arkansas? Well, I've got an emailer sending me flight plans of this Booster plane landing in Omaha at Noon from Fayetteville via Atlanta. No clue if this is a sign of Dana going to there but it would not shock me. I was once told that Reva, Dana's wife, wants to get away from the cold. She wants to be somewhere warm. Arkansas is great job with great facilities. The Bud Walton is a nice as the Qwest and they own the place. No Husker games there I promise you that. And this state has a had a history with Arkansas.........stay tuned.

- I gave my playoff predictions yesterday. Here are my individual awards:

NL MVP - Carlos Beltran Mets
NL Cy Young - John Smoltz Braves

AL MVP - David Ortiz Red Sox
AL Cy Young - Dice-K Red Sox

- How about this gem reported by The Boston Globe: We pretty much think of baseball as the Red Sox and Yankees and everybody else is the Washington Generals," said one ESPN employee who shall remain unnamed. Ouch

- We won't see Dice-K in KC....He'll pitch on Thursday....Josh Beckett on my birthday...Great.

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AJ said...

Altman is gone per Fox Sports. Perhaps Creighton will shock the world and pick up Todd Eisner, who has performed a miracle at Bellevue.

By the way..Dice K will be pulled by the 4th.