Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Review

I had a really fun weekend, Billy Joel, NFL Draft, Red Sox win 2 of 3 over Yankees, Gordon did win at Talledega and it finally feels like Spring/Summer here in Omaha.

Personal Note: My girlfriend and I saw Billy Joel at the Qwest on Saturday night and who are we sitting next to at the show? 3 members of the Altman family - No Dana. I thought that was pretty funny. I'm sure if a husker fan saw us they would have thought we were together but it was pure luck of the draw. Billy put on an amazing show - highly recommend seeing him.

Mock Draft: Congrats to the GM's of the 1st (JaMarcus Russell), 12th (Marshawn Lynch), and 32nd (Anthony Gonzalez) pick in our Mock Draft from Friday. 3 prizes will be given out including the awesome Rolling Rock Grill. It's an actual grill! Last year it was 3 picks right. This year 3 picks right. We are getting better..... or not! :) - Sidenote: 17th pick was correct but by wrong team.

Actual Draft: The first "What!" move of the Draft came with the 9th pick of the Draft as Miami passed on QB Brady Quinn and went with wideout Teddy Ginn Jr. He's a talent - no doubt but couldn't they have traded down to get him? Top 10 pick Ted Ginn? Wow. That was a shock given his injury and his lack of size on the next level.

2nd "What!" move was the Philadelphia Eagles with their first pick overall - 2nd rounder with several QB's on the board rated higher than Kevin Kolb the QB from Houston but they took him! It was bad enough to trade their first round pick to rival Dallas but this guy was a system QB in Conference USA! The line that the last QB that got boo'd by Eagles fans was Donovan is crap. McNabb was the player of the year at Syracuse in the Big East! The only worse pick might wind up being Ginn to Miami but the Kolb pick was crazy. The Eagles can say that it had nothing to do with McNabb's knee but with needs they have at safety and wideout...going QB with their first pick says a lot.

3rd: Patriots getting WR Randy Moss for a 4th rounder. The Patriots are surrounding QB Tom Brady with some of the best WR talent in the league. Starters: Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth. Back up Wes Welker and Troy Brown. This is a team that is solid with it's Tight end and Running back position and now they are set with their WR's. Look out for Pats!!

Nebraska players at the Draft: Amazing draft for the Husker players. Adam Carriker to the Rams at 13 becomes the highest player draft from the school since the Rams took Grant Wistrom with the 6th pick. Great fit.

Then BJax goes to Green Bay in the 2nd round!! Huge news for him given the fact that some said he wasn't a day 1 pick. He goes to replace a former Husker in Ahman Green who had a hell of a career with the Pack. Really happy for Brandon Jackson and we'll get to watch him next year play with a hall of fame QB.

How about Stewart Bradley going to Philly in the 3rd round!! I wasn't totally shocked he went day one but that's a good place for him. He'll get some help with Buckhalter being there already with the transition to the next level. The Philly media will learn what a character he is and I'm sure he'll be a favorite quote this summer.

I know Jay Moore can't be happy with getting picked in the 4th round but going to San Fransisco is not a bad place. They are rebuilding and they were suppose to take Carriker in the first but passed. So they got his teammate. He'll get a chance to have an impact on that roster next year.

Red Sox vs. Yankees: Sox take 2 of 3 in the Bronx this weekend after starting Dice-K, Wake, and Tavarez. Red Sox are now 5-1 against NY this year and NY lost another starter to injury. Up by 6.5 games, to start May is awesome but there is so much baseball left to be played. I will say it again though - unless NY gets Roger Clemens, the Yankees will not make the playoffs.

Gordon passes Dale Earnhardt at Talledega: Well, we talked about it on Friday. NASCAR probably isn't very happy with their fans as they pelted Jeff Gordon's car today after he passed Dale Earnhardt on what would have been his birthday at the Super Speedway. To top it off, he won the race on CAUTION! Not good.

Tomorrow's show should be fun......2 to 6 only on Big Sports 590.


rubes016 said...

So what are the other pirzes if you don't win the grill?

Michael Carnes said...

Jay Moore hits the Niners at precisely the right time. As a longtime, long-suffering (until the past few years) Seattle Seahawks fan, I'm impressed with what the Niners have done during the offseason and during this past year. Remember, they beat the three-time division champs TWICE last year, and with the moves they have made they should leapfrog St. Louis into being Seattle's primary contender for the title in 2007.

I saw Jay play ball in Elkhorn and he was an outstanding talent back then as well. I'm looking forward to seeing Jay in the NFL.