Friday, April 13, 2007

Big Show for Friday

- Reaction from Yesterday' s show
- Solich invite to golf tourney
- Imus apology to Rutgers
- Did you know this happens a lot?
- College Football going back to old clocks
- Jackie Robinson celebration
- Royals tough loss
- Wistrom retiring?

2:45 - Kevin McNabb O Royals
3:30 - Adeola Dagunduro NU Recruit
5 pm - Steve Ryan


brian in falls city said...

hey matt, so what in the hell is the big deal about nebraska using the quest center for a basketball game? since when did creighton or its "poor" alumni pony up the money for the arena. i thought the city of omaha paid for it. so actually the bluejays can't control who plays there they only use it, unlike nebraska who has their own home court. you need to go back to the east coast, no one in Husker Nation cares for you, except to laugh at how ignorant you can be about things that you don't have a clue about. so quit kissing dana and the bluejays asses all the time and just realize, outside of omaha this is still Husker Nation.

aaronfiet said...

Hey Matt,
Check out Huskerhoopscentral asap!!!

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