Saturday, December 1, 2007

Les Goes Public Before Championship Game

Really interesting move by LSU Coach Les Miles. "I will be the coach the next year (of LSU)" he said to CBS before his team played Tennessee.

Was he really going to Michigan like ESPN reported on Gameday? Or was the report wrong? What does this do to Nebraska and Pelini? Did LSU throw money at everyone or just Miles? AD Skip Bertman has really pulled a rabbit out the hat with this one as just about everyone thought that Miles was going to Michigan.

Now, Miles hasn't signed the deal yet. Could he pull a Saban and lie publicly about not leaving and then bolt? This is getting ridiculous and the media is going to start to lose confidence with sports fans if we continue to report false information.

This isn't over in my mind. You can't tell me that LSU is focused on the Vols though. This game could get ugly.

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BLV said...

I'd be shocked if Miles would pull a Saban, but there's still something that reeks of motivational tactic here.

Somehow, I don't honestly believe that Miles would make such a scene in commenting on his future but I'm not 100% convinced he's not a Michigan man when it's all said and done either.

Rumors are rumors but until the ink is dry, there's still a chance that both LSU and Auburn could be looking for coaches in the near future. The irony is, even without the benefit of the first pick, they could end up with better coaches than the bullies who had their pick of the litter.