Monday, December 17, 2007

Jays Blow Out HBU

Talk about a stat padding game for the Jays...110-73. Wow.

How about this - the Jays leading scorer was Kenny Lawson who had 15! 110 points and no one score more than that's balance. The entire team scored except walk-on Dustin Sitzmann.

Jays had 25 assists on 38 made baskets. They were 14 of 29 from behind the arc. The Jays had 8 steals and forced 17 turnovers that amounted to 28 points.

Record for scoring in the Qwest Center and 4th best scoring output in school history. Fun stat of the night - 77 bench points!! Jays are 6-0 at home...7-1 overall.....see you Thursday night and let's get a bigger crowd for NCC.....still not a great game but could be another fun night for the stat sheet.


beav said...

How the hell did a bunch of Houston Baptist scubs score 73 points on Creighton? Now thats crappy defense. Nebraska wouldn't give up no more than 45 against those scrubs.

Mike said...

Houston Baptist was a NAIA team last year.. Good thing Creighton can score but they'll have to play at least SOME defense in the Valley.

Aric said...

Nebraska couldn't put up 110 against Millard North.

Obsessed much Husker fan?

sublime_fan27 said...

While spanking Houston Baptist isn't something to brag about, anytime you throw up 100+ points against a team affiliated with the NCAA you have to be playing pretty least offensively. I can imagine that the Omaha Dental scrubs got some decent action, which is perhaps an explaination for the 73 points they gave up. Not a huge Creighton fan here, but it looks as if they took care of business.

This game should prepare them for the stiff competition they are about to face in the Mississippi Vally Conference or whatever it is.

[b]Over-Under: 40?[/b]

Points per game Kevin Durant averages in the MVC last season?

CubsNSkers05 said...

last year probably under this year the over under is going to have to be set at 50 if durant was in the mo valley this year, its going to be ugly.

Red Sox Fan said...

And I had tomorrow's lottery numbers I'd be a rich man.