Saturday, December 29, 2007

Last Few Days to Vote!

Hey Folks,

The 2007 Biggie Awards are wrapping up which includes the Hottest Local TV Personality Contest nominations. To vote and nominate - all you have to do is click the icon off Yes, you'll have to register for the 590 Fan Club but that takes 2 secs. We're doing that to prevent multiple voters since we can see who voted for what once you're a, you'll get cool emails from us and a chances to win cool stuff.

Anyways, voting will close tomorrow so get your votes in ASAP if you haven't voted already. On Monday's Big Show - we're gonna Recap the year of the Big Show from 2 to 4. At 4, we're gonna announce the 2007 Biggie Awards and at 5 - the one hour live vote for the hottest female personality on local TV contest with the top 5 vote nominees.

Last show of the Year is always fun! Talk to you tonight at 5:30 for Bluejay hoops vs. Ill. St. and then on Monday at 2 pm for the Big Show end of the year show!


beav said...

The biggie awards are great, if you worship Creighton. These awards are biased towards CU.

Red Sox Fan said...

HUH? Did you vote? I find it hard to see bias there. Brian (Husker Fan and UNL graduate) and I came up with the categories and nominees....I think Huskers will win plenty of awards.

beav said...

I respect Brian. But how do I know he had equal influence? I mean after Nebraska beat Oregon......didn't you cut his mic?