Sunday, December 2, 2007


First, Fox gets an F for the BCS Selection show tonight. It sucked. Boring, way too many commercials, too long, Chris Rose is just annoying...CBS's version for basketball destroyed that show. They gotta do better than that.

Ok - my problems are as followed:

1. How the hell does KANSAS play in the Orange Bowl?

KU is just not good and they will get beat BADLY by V Tech.. They have the 109th schedule in ALL OF THE F$#KING FOOTBALL!!! They lost to MISSOURI!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! This is the worst, worst the BCS has ever done! I can't wait to see the fat boy get rolled. MISSOURI belongs in this game. They BEAT KU, only have 2 losses both to OU. I can't watch this anymore. GO HOKIES!!

2. West Virginia is going to the Fiesta Bowl?

This is odd and I'll have to do some research on this but I thought the Orange Bowl is where they should have gone since they won the Big East. Isn't the Orange Big East vs. ACC every year? OU vs. WV is going to be a fun game to watch yet I thought they should have been kept WV on the East Coast.

3. Georgia is not playing for the title

More on this in a second but I'm glad Georgia is in the BCS. Tough when you don't play for the conference championship but then again.....Ohio St. is. I'm happy for Hawaii as this sets up another Fiesta Bowl-like game. Is Hawaii any good? Well - then prove it. Too bad the Dawg fans will out number Hawaii 50 to 1 in the Superdome.

4. Missouri is not in the BCS.

Like I said above - Just F'ing wrong. This thing sucks. Missouri beat Illinois!! Yet are playing in the ROSE BOWL and Missou isn't!!

5. Illinois in the Rose Bowl vs. USC

The Rose Bowl folks are just annoying. I get history but they are screwing things up with their "we love tradition" crap. Missouri beat Illinois! And they are in and the Tigers are out! WTF!! So wrong....

6. LSU vs. Ohio St.

LSU - belongs in this game due to their year but who they are playing - that's the problem. Ohio St. didn't play this weekend so they benefit from it. That sucks. Ohio St is going to have the same thing happen to them like last year but this time it's a home game for the SEC team. Speed, speed, speed. Ohio St. is in real trouble with a healthy LSU team.

I HATE THE BCS!!!! It has to go - NOW!

Here is how I would have done it:

Hawaii vs. Georgia in the Sugar

Missouri vs. Arizona St. in the Rose Bowl (I'd rather Ohio st but Mizzou vs OU can't happen)

V Tech vs. West Virginia in the Orange

Oklahoma vs. Ohio St. in the Fiesta Bowl

USC vs. LSU in the BCS Championship


magic said...

What this should tell Missouri recruits is, if you come play for Missouri and have an excellent season you will get screwed. If you play for Nebraska and have an excellent season you will get rewarded! The BCS could be an excellent recruiting tool for Nebraska.

Alex said...

I agree Magic. As usual, the comments by this Matt kid are ignorant and uninformed.

cufan70 said...

Why is it a recruiting tool for NU. They have not been to the BCS since getting their ass kicked by the U. NU is not the greatest program you idiots think it is. Hell it is the 8th best in the big 12