Thursday, December 27, 2007

Amazing Find By Sipple....

With respect to the OWH - these are the types of stories that the Journal Star has been finding consistently over the past month and why I said what I did on air about the 2 papers in our state. Great article by Steve Sipple

Sipple was sent a link to Bo Pelini talking about how he coaches D at LSU from 2005. It's SO interesting to hear him talk about how he coaches to other's an AMAZING listen. Check it out

It's long but if you have the time to listen to it - Husker football fans need to hear it as it gives you a great insight into what you will see next year. I'll play some of the audio when I get back next week.


celticpride said...

I thought it was kind of funny that he just wrote an article about this link, because this link was posted on a message board like the day after Pelini was hired (may have been before even). It's interesting, though, great stuff.

mattiscool said...


are you back home in BOSTON. I wish i was from somewhere cool like you

NU_elecngnr said...

I have lived in and around Omaha my entire life and my browsers generally have a bookmark for the LJS HuskerExtra page. Better coverage. A blog run by the writers that is pretty decent.

I can't stand the OWH's sports coverage. It truly sucks donkey. Barfknect (or however you spell it) is okay, but for some reason is no longer covering the Huskers. Shatel is a complete and utter tool. I understand he is a columist/opinion-guy. However, if you are going to be such, please have to have some semblance of conviction.

Day of CU game in 2003....says Pederson should retain after Pederson fired Frank (which is less than a week after he is stumping for Frank) he say Pederson did the right thing. WTF Same thing over a slightly longer time frame this year with the contract extension. This guy has the testicular fortitude of a eunuch.