Saturday, December 22, 2007

GameDay - UALR - Something to Chew On

I saw this today in the notes and I thought it would be fun to watch all the Husker fans try to explain why they belong on this list while the Jays are No. 7 in the country......explain away:

One of the Best Programs Around
Every five years since 1997, Basketball Times has evaluated the best of the best NCAA programs -- those that have won two-thirds of their games over the previous 10 season span. The 2007 edition of the report had 29 teams that met that qualification, including Creighton.Those 29 schools were then ranked from 1-29 on categories like 10-year winning percentage, number of active NBA players, freshman graduation rate and US News & World Report’s academic peer assessment score, as well as a subjective vote of 10 panelists who judged teams based on “program cleanliness” and “head coach ranking”.Creighton finished an impressive seventh, trailing only Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Stanford, Gonzaga and Michigan State.

Basketball Times Overall Rankings:
1. Duke 3.7
2. North Carolina 7.5
3. Florida 8.0
4. Stanford 8.8
5. Gonzaga 10.0
6.Michigan State 10.0
7. Creighton 10.2
8. Kansas 10.8
9. Xavier 11.5
10. Illinois 12.0
11. Arizona 13.5
12. Connecticut 13.7
13. Syracuse 14.5
14. Butler 14.8
15. College of Charleston 15.2
Southern Illinois 15.2
Texas 15.2
18. Kentucky 16.0
Pennsylvania 16.0
20. Maryland 17.3
21. Pittsburgh 17.5
22. Utah State 18.3
23. Kent State 18.8
24. Utah 20.2
25. Cincinnati 20.5
26. Murray State 20.7
Oklahoma 20.7
28. Oklahoma State 21.0
29. Memphis 23.0


beav said...

How much is based on wins? Because Of the teams in the top 10, Creighton is in the weakest conference.

BTW, this isn't meant to start another NU-CU pissing match but rather a serious question. What is the formula they use?

beav said...

Oh wait. Self edit. Gonzaga is in a weaker conference than Creighton.

mattiscool said...

i wonder where creightons football program is listed. Oh wait....

you creigton fans wont ever give up. You are like the little retarded brother that keeps trying to hold your own

CubsNSkers05 said...

Barry Collier was also our coach if you don't remember for quite sometime, just wait matt just wait you'll get yours.

celticpride said...

Creighton ahead of Kansas in anything basketball....yeah, sure looks like a trustworthy poll there Matt. Good find. Not.

celticpride said...
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celticpride said...

I don't know exact numbers or anything, but I'm gonna guess only one team in that "top 10" has a losing record against the "worst program in major division 1 basketball history".......I wonder what team that would be...

whatever formula they used, it's obviously a joke.

Steve said...

Matt, quit embarrassing yourself bro. Love ya "Strength Of" polls don't mean a thing. I remember South Dakota State being 17th in the country in FOOTBALL this season for a while (Sagarin poll). Have the right schedule and you are hooked up more than KU's football team this season.

Creighton fans are almost as bad as NU football fans. Very, very ignorant (and quite during games).

sublime_fan27 said...

Any Top 10 list of power basketball programs should not include Xavier or Creighton instead of Illinois, Kentucky, and UConn. That's not even the most disturbing part of the list. The fact that Creighton is ahead of Kansas is horrifying. I find it sad that someone would make a list like this. What a total waste of time.

Reminds me of a Junior High School story. There was this kid named Clint. He was one of the dumber kids in class. On top of that, he was not a very good looking guy at all. Despite his major imperfections, the boys in the class did like him because of his outgoing personality. One day, he made this list of the Top 10 hottest girls in our class. In the list, were several girls who were lightyears away from being even remotely attractive. Perhaps Clint crushed on these unattractive girls because he knew they were attainable. Or maybe he didn't pick the hotter girls because he knew he didn't have a chance.

The point of my story is that maybe this idiot who made the list, much like Clint, looked past Creighton's non-Top 10 (or even top 25) features because the creator of this list is himself a douche bag.