Saturday, December 22, 2007


Piling Up The Points, and Wins

Creighton’s recent wins over Houston Baptist and North Carolina Central continued five impressive streaks.
Creighton has won 29 straight home games when scoring 68 points or more since Feb. 5, 2005.
Creighton has won 33 straight games when scoring 72 points or more dating to Jan. 29, 2005.
The Bluejays have won 54 consecutive games when scoring 80 points or more, dating to Feb. 19, 2000.
Creighton has also won 43 straight games when scoring 90 points or more, dating to Jan. 11, 1988.
Creighton has won 14 straight games when scoring 100 points or more, dating to Feb. 26, 1977.


sublime_fan27 said...
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magic said...

Hey Creighton Fan!! Good positive post by Matt here on your program. Maybe you should help him out and comment on it. Helloooo anybody home?

sublime_fan27 said...

You should have seen my first comment, but Matt...err the "blog administrator"...deleted it. I wonder if Matt has a problem with freedom of speech. He is, after all, a liberal.

I've been laughing about this for a few days now, Magic. It's been kind of the run-on inside joke amongst my friends. Creighton fans are so apathetic.

Bill Swerski said...

At the risk of going against the point of this post, I will make a brief response. Creighton fans aren't a bunch of insecure douchebags. Why must we comment on every good or bad article about our team? Whereas, you lowlifes are constantly on a blog of a guy that you claim to hate with a perpetual need to get in an argument with either him, or a CU fan. Get a life. Creighton fans are people with lives outside of sports (i.e., not posting on Christmas Eve). There is a difference between intelligence and apathy - every one of your posts continue to prove that distinction.

beav said...

Don't take this holier than thou attitude.Having passionate fans may be 1 reason that 8,000 fans at the Devaney are much louder than 15,000 fans at the quiet center.