Monday, December 17, 2007

For Those Of You Who Care....

The Jays had 13,600 for a game vs. a 2-12 basketball team on a Monday Night.

NU drew 12,100 to a game vs. No. 16 Oregon on Saturday afternoon.....just the facts.


Mike said...

Did you forget to mention the snow storm that was previous to the Husker game?

magic said...
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magic said...

I thought there was going to be over 15,000 Creighton Fans. Where did they go?

Aric said...

Hey Mike,

Did I forget to mention the 17,600 Creighton had for the Drexel game last year? Oh yeah, the weather was 5x worse for that game than your little flurry episode on Saturday. Keep making excuses, it provides a great deal of comic relief.

What would Nebraska draw for HOUSTIN BAPTIST at the Devaney on a Monday night? 3,000-4,000, tops?

Here's a nice statistical comparison for the delusional Red:

Home attendance:


Presbyterian: 6,099
Alabama A&M: 6,129
Norfolk State: 5,235
IPFW: 5,823
Arizona State: 7,845
Rutgers: 6,526
Savannah State: 5,116


DePaul: 16,104
Mississippi Valley State: 16,730
Nebraska: 17,049
Savannah State: 14,412
St. Joseph's: 15,332
Houston Baptist: 13,671

Just for good measure:

EA Sports (exh): 13,543

What's your excuse Husker fan? You can't even outdraw a Creighton exhibition game with a top 20 opponent and the novelty of playing in the Qwest Center.

detroit said...

You mention the inferiority complex of Husker fans but you sure do like to make your jabs at Nebraska quite a bit. It seems as though you take more gratification in ripping the lowly Huskers than you do in just talking about the Jays. Further, for a person who has taken great joy in commenting on the Jays attendance, can you tell me what these long-standing Jay fans averaged in attendance several years ago?

beav said...

And the Nebraska fans were louder. A good indicator of how many people attending a game are true diehard fans and how many people are there for the social event is crowd noise. After attending both the Nebraska-Oregon game and the Nebraska-Creighton game, I will say that the crowd was much louder at the Nebraska-Oregon game. Moreover, fans were allowed to stand during the Nebraska-Oregon without being told to sit down by other fans.

Creighton has done a good job building a solid program over the past 10 years. However, when Sadler begins being successful (especially in the big 12), fans from Omaha will be much more motivated to attend a Nebraska-Texas A&M game rather than a Creighton-Southern Illinois game.

Matt needs to realize that 10 years ago Nebraska was averaging 13,000+ per game. Creighton, on the other hand, was struggling to put 4,000 fans in the Civic Auditorium.

Matt, I have live in Omaha all my life and have kept a close eye on both programs. If Nebraska becomes an NCAA caliber team, then expect to see packed houses at the Bob. I personally know several fans who attend Creighton games just because of the convience. However, if Nebraska were successful, these fans would make the drive to Lincoln in a heartbeat.

Aric said...


I don't take any more satisfaction in jabbing at the Huskers than Sadler does at Creighton. The only difference is, Creighton has the only thing that matters (even back "several years") 8 out of the last 9. Dana Altman has dominated you.

Yes, Nebraska fans have an extreme inferiority complex when it comes to Creighton. How could some little private Jesuit school complete dominate their program over the past decade? They can't stand being second in the pecking order in this state, in anything. They feel that they're entitled to be #1. It's not like Nebraska doesn't have the resources to field good teams, but they haven't. Instead of taking your frustrations out on Creighton, maybe you should complain to the Athletic Department that you're tired of the university putting a shotty product out on the court. Who knows, Doc could finally be the guy to take you into the NCAA's a win a game for the first time in history; you would think that after 110 years the laws of probability would be in your favor at some point.

Red Sox Fan said...

I thought that the idea was getting OMAHA fans to the Qwest? Why all the bitching about roads and weather? If you need people to come from Lincoln to get your attendance up - then you've proven my point that OMAHA people go to Jays games...and Lincoln people go to Husker games.

Tara said...

I think it's great Jays fan support their basketball team. It is their primary sport right? Why don't they support their other teams especially their womens teams? And why don't the women play at the Qwest. Matt's been telling us thats CU's homecourt after all.
And I know you Creighton fans are gonna say who cares..........which proves the point I'm making.

detroit said...

I guess I just don't understand the huge debate about the attendance. Ultimately, fans show up when a quality team is put on the court. When Nebraska was good in the 90's, they had sellouts and students camping out the night before big games. During their recent downfall, attendance clearly went down. Same with Creighton, they used to have abysmal crowds much like Nebraska in recent years but attendance has increased with the quality team Altman has put on the floor. With exceptions, this applies the same to sports teams across the country. As for the Omaha=Jay fans/Lincoln=Husker fans debate, I think there's a tad bit of truth but you (Perrault) are trying to create a split that truly isn't there. As opposed to the extremes you find on message boards, a great majority of Omaha sports fans hold no hostility towards the other team. Stated differently, most Omaha fans have no problem cheering and supporting both teams. You can point to the 12,000 v. tonight's attendance but do you really want to bank on it that that figure won't increase as Nebraska gets better??? Omaha natives drive to Lincoln for Husker football and they do the same for baseball. Put a quality team on the court and you'll see the same occur in basketball.

chris said...

I love how Creighton fans love to drop the 8 out of 9 card, and forget about that whole pesky NIT game in 2004 where we ended your season. It doesn't count because it was postseason? Isn't that when you're supposed to be at your best??

In the last 5 meetings, Creighton is 3-2 against Nebraska, with Nebraska winning a close one (the NIT game they love to forget), Creighton winning a close one (50-48 on Milliners Jumper with 2 seconds left), a 12 point Nebraska win, a 12 point Creighton win...and then the 70-44 debacle (congrats on that one, seriously, we sucked and you dominated us).

Ever since Korver left - the last 4 years the teams have been very comparable head-to-head in terms of results in head-to-head matchups.

And yeah, congrats on the attendance..hope you guys take home the Attendance National Championship this year. Me? I'm hoping the Huskers and our 5-7,000 fans celebrate a trip to the NCAA tournament. You can have your "attendance"..I'll worry about the product on the court, thanks.

Redhead said...

Matt, I agree. Huskers need to improve their attendance.

Doc, I agree. Huskers need to improve their attendance. (If you all recall he called for a good showing before the game).

It is really nice to see that Matt agrees with Doc about something. In all of the arguments over the past few days, the ones that Matt seems to forget is the comments he made that Oregon would annihilate the Huskers. I will remind you of that until the end of the season.

The other is the complete and total rudeness Matt shows for Doc Sadler. Matt, you've called him a terribly rude name. You've called him a bad coach - not too bad against Oregon or Arizona State. Could have done better with Western Kentucky and Creighton, especially Creighton. Matt, I think you were right that at that point in the year Coach Sadler wasn't secure in the team he had on the court. I think what you've seen is a Husker team that has improved greatly and I hope continues to grow.

So, lets all agree that the Huskers are improving on a daily basis. I hope our attendance figures show that. As for Creighton, when the Huskers aren't playing I'll listen to the game. I like Coach Altman - although Matt has given him a pass on leaving Creighton - I would too because he deserves it, he should coach the team he wants to coach.

In conclusion the lesson learned is that Matt will never admit he over spoke about the annihilation we were to receive and that calling Coach Sadler rude names is a terrible mistake.

Matt, I agree that anyone who'd focus on your personal life in this blog would be out of line. I'd also say that your use of the nickname you use toward Coach Sadler is as out of line. I'm sure you thought it was funny - it wasn't it is completely disrespectful. I for one would appreciate an apology for that ill chosen moniker.

sublime_fan27 said...

Low-Ratings Matthew,

Although you will probably not have a job in Nebraska much longer, I understand that you have not been here that long. You have been here just long enough to witness the pinnacle of Dana Altman’s success at Creighton. You, just like most Creighton fans today, have no clue about your teams’ history. Want to try a telling experiment? Go to the Qwest Center and ask 1,000 random Creighton “fans” what they think of Benoit Benjamin, Rick Johnson, Paul Silas, or Tony Barone. I can guarantee you that most of them have no flippin’ clue who these people are. I don’t know how many times I have watched a Nebraska basketball game at a bar here in Omaha with some Creighton “fan” coming up to me and making a snide remark because I just so happen to be in the game. So then the argument follows of course. Only one guy, out of the dozens of random people I have had this argument with, even knew the history of Creighton basketball before 8 years ago. While it should be noted that the one guy who actually knew, was totally clueless about Eddie Sutton’s involvement with “his program”.

Like a good woman, most Creighton fans are packing the Qwest to be seen, not heard. End of story. They don’t know anything about their history, their program, or anything about basketball really.

You weren’t here in the 1990’s, but Nebraska regularly sold out the Bob when we were making our runs under Danny Nee. Ask any coach in the nation, the Bob was one of the toughest places to play. Fans were crazy, students were rowdy, and people had a genuine understanding of our past and the game itself. While we had our Johnny-come-latelys, there were nowhere near the amount of unknowledgeable fans that pack themselves into the Qwest to drink a beer and talk on their cell phone. Call me what you want, but there isn’t a single person here who knows a lot about both programs who could argue differently. And that comes with no disrespect to real Creighton fans, I know there are several thousand of you out there who used to get the Civic jumping!