Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jays get killed at home...

More on this game later but the Jays are about make history - they haven't lost a home game by more than 10 points since 1996. That's 181 straight home games.....LONGEST in the nation!! RedBirds were just flat out better in every aspect of the game.

Bad loss for a young team.


SpinSports590 said...

This team is great! Illinois St. will probably be a better team than Oregon in the end. Thank you Matt, for talking Creighton up so much, they are awesome! 0-1, but they will probably still end up with 14 wins in the Valley, according to you delusional Creighton fans.

beav said...

Let me give you the non-Creighton fan perspective on why the Jays will struggle. If you look at the Creighton roster as a whole you notice that they are not very athletic (exceptions being Stinnett and Witter). So if a team is able to handle Creighton's full court press, they will have success. Creighton is NOT a good half-court defense team. The blueprint to beating Creighton is to spread them out and isolate players like Hibma, Bahe, and Millard. When the Jays help on defense, they are exposed and not athletic enough to recover.

On offense they rely way too much on 3s. The way to beat Creighton is to guard the perimeter and make Creighton penetrate.

I see NO way that Creighton does any better than 11-7 in the MVC (10-8 is more likely). Creighton is at best an NIT team.