Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creighton Has 10x the Program of NU in BB Historically

Today, Travis and I talked about Nebraska basketball. Both Trav and my Husker Fan producer had a problem with the statement that "Historically, Creighton has had 10x the program that Nebraska basketball has had". So you can make up your own mind - here are the stats and this will be brought up tomorrow:

First Trip to the NCAA's:
CU - 1941
NU - 1986

Tournament Games All Time:
CU - 31
NU - 6

All Time Tournament Record:
CU - 12-19
NU - 0-6

Record in the Tourney since the field went to 64:
CU - 3-9
NU - 0-6

Total NCAA Apperances:
CU - 16
NU - 6

League Titles:
CU - 13 MVC Regular Season Titles (last 2002), 10 MVC Tournament Titles (last 2007)
NU - 1 Big 8 Tournament Title (94) Last Regular Season title - 1950! Big 7 title shared with 2 others (Nebraska was in MVC previously)
- Last outright regular season title - 1916 in the MVC!!!!!!!

CU - No. 13 Nationally last year
NU - Luckly to get 8,000/gm

NU - 110 years of basketball - ZERO tournament wins!!
CU - 1/3 the student body and no Football revenue and they dwarf the team in Lincoln in nearly every category except empty seats for home games.

I hope they now see my point. Jays historically are MUCH better than NU. Look at it this way - The Jays have won 13 regular season conference titles since NU won their last. So, maybe I should say they are 13 times better of a program


Matt in Lincoln said...

NU did win a Big 8 tournament in 1994.

I don't disagree with you on the historical perspective, but why you feel the need to drag down NU basketball on a consistent basis I just don't understand.

In the 90's NU basketball was a big deal around here and had the sell outs and other things CU enjoys now. There were scalpers out in front of Devaney back then if you can believe it.

That day may come again or it may not. Things can and do change though and to think that it will always be CU with the sell outs and fan support is a bit naive. Hopefully Doc has this program going back in the right direction and we can get back to some of that success we had in the 90's and take it further. With that the support will come back. Creighton's support wasn't built overnight either, it took some time, consistent success, and a new arena to get where they are today. There is no reason NU can't get to that type of level too.

Go NU beat Oregon. Creighton fans should probably root for that as it will help your RPI for later in the year.

magic said...

Matt, your comments on the radio yesterday were totally uncalled for. Very unprofessional and Travis on many occasions brought out the newness you are to the area. Nebraska Basketball in the 70s 80s & 90s was clearly the team everyone in Nebraska paid attention to. Barry pulled down the program alot but with Doc and a possible new arena there is only one way to go. Your signal goes beyond Omaha. Constant downgrading of the Huskers just keeps discrediting your program. A team that won the other night by 45 can't suck that bad. That term shouldnt even be used on a radio station to discribe any team no matter how bad they are. Where does that put Creighton getting beat last year then by a program you supposedly say is 10 times worse? Put Creighton in the Big 12 and you probably have the same results as Nebraska. Creighton may have 10X the program but they don't come close to 10X the fan base or your listening base. That's what you might want to pay attention to. I'd have to drive along time before I see any Creighton gear on anyone even in Omaha. As far as Historically nobody cares! It's commical when you have Creighton Trivia questions on the show. Even as simple as some should be you always have to squeese the answer out of callers! Good thing you did the research on Creighton Basketball and published it here because none of the Creighton fans knew any of it! Try and ask Travis the names of players Creighton had in the 70s 80s and 90s, I'm sure he could list 30 Husker Players. So could I

Husker4Yankees said...

Ohhhh....Matt. Why do you constantly have to bash NU? And 10x the program? Please. If that were true, then Creighton should certainly have a winning record all-time against NU. Right? What is that all-time record versus NU I wonder.....hmmm. Might have to look that up.

I know what you are doing btw. I just don't think it will work. Most people in Nebraska don't really care one way or another about Creighton. So, it is unlikely that this is going to become a nasty rivaly like you would prefer.

Ben said...

Re: the intraseries record, it doesn't help that Nebraska and Creighton played only infrequently in the 30's and 40s and didn't play at all in the 50's, 60's, and most of the 70's. By the time the series renewed, Nebraska was on the upswing and CU was on the downswing.

And while I'll grant that NU hoops was big in the 90's, I remember the Civic jumping for some games in the Barone era in the 80's. You can argue that Collier killed NU hoops, well Rick Johnson killed CU hoops for awhile too.

Steve said...

Outside of Omaha, does anyone care about Creighton? They sure have ESPN knocking down their door to do their games!

Ben said...

On the other hand, does anyone besides friends and family of the players and coaches care about Nebraska hoops?

huskerfan03 said...

MATT, when comaring two teams, you're missing the most important stat: HEAD-TO-HEAD! Nebraska leads the all-time series over Creighton 23-18.

And comparing league titles is bush league. I would've loved to see what Strick, Pike and Boone could have done to the weak MVC in the 90s.

huskerfan03 said...

Matt I did some research for you since you like to compare NU's success in the Big 12 to Creighton's success in the MVC.

Since the Big 12 was formed (1996), it has had 47 players selected in the NBA Draft. In that same time period, the MVC has had 4!!! That's right - 4!!! (and really 3 cuz Rodney Buford shouldn't count). If you want to look back farther to the early 90's you get into the Big 8, with players like Bryant Reeves, Ostertag, Anthony Peeler, Piatkowski, Rich King, Adonis Jordan, etc.

What I'm saying is most of your argument when comparing NU and CU was league titles. I doubt Creighton ever goes about .500 in conferece play facing what Nebraska faced.

BugMan said...

I agree with Travis, Matt you are dead wrong on this one. Creighton may have the upper hand at this time but your 2 years and association with Creighton has yoy thinking like you're on crack!
Since 1976-1977 Average Attendance
NE: 10,158
CR: 7,009
NE 535-414
Also Nebraska is not the only school from a BCS conference that is winless in the NCAA Toury, South Flordia from the Big East is 0-2

cufan70 said...

Do you fusker fans need a tissue. Keep speaking the truth matt, Its good to hear someone on the radio in Omaha not drinking the red kool aid.

And CU is on ESPN 4 times, NU 3 and once because it is Kansas. SO really twice.

Hey and if all you fusker fans hate Matt, why do you listen, why do you care what he says, you guys are morons.

celticpride said...

cufan70, you're clueless.

For as much as he doesn't care about us poor "fuskers" he sure does talk about us a lot. Thanks Matt. We appreciate your multiple blog posts dedicated to Nebraska basketball, while you work for the radio station "home" of the Creighton Blue Jays.

Husker Mike said...
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Red Sox Fan said...

I would talk about the Lakers if I were working in Boston. You always watch what's going on the other side of the net. I just talk about them much on the show...write about more than I talk about it...

Red Sox Fan said...
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AJ said...

You forget one thing:

- Nebraska plays against Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa State (when they were good) and Oklahoma State on a YEARLY basis.

- Creighton feasts on Drake, Indiana State, Illinois State and Northern Iowa.

The whole argument is pathetic and ignorant. I can make a case for Weber State and their tourney success...but the only reason they're there in the first place is because they play in a crap league.

If the Creighton homerism wasn't so blatant and hilarious, it would be almost sad.