Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who Is Charlotte and Rhode Island

So who is coming here for the NIT? We've got 2 teams from the Atlantic 10 conference coming to the to Lincoln and one to Omaha. They both aren't household name programs so I'll do my best to tell you what I know about them since I'm the A-10 kid here.

Charlotte 49ers - 20-13, 9-7 in conference tied for 4th
Coach: Bobby Lutz, 10th year
NIT Record under Lutz: 1-2
Best Player: Leemire Goldwire - 30 points or more 6 times this year
Team: LOVES the 3 point shot, L Temple in the A-10 Semi-Finals.
Best wins: At Clemson, SUI, Wake Forest
Road Record: 4-7

Rhode Island Rams- 21-11 7-9 in conference tied for 9th
Coach: Jim Baron, 7th year
NIT Record under Baron: 2-2
Best Player - Will Daniels - 1st Team A-10, 18.7 pts/6.7 rebs per
Team: Lost to Charlotte in last 2 gms. Lost 7 of 8. 3-9 since 2-1-08
Best Wins: At Syracuse, UAB
Road Record: 7-6 (1-3 last 4)

We'll talk about future oppenents as they come up if NU and CU advance.


sublime_fan27 said...

Looks like Nebraska is a first game winner!

Red Sox Fan said...

Maybe but you better stop the 3. Inside game isn't what Charlotte does - they bomb it. But I think NU should win at home.

metroniner said...

if you feel like being an informed sport fan, do some research on who has been to a Final 4 (Charlotte) and who has advanced to the rd of 32 in the NCAA 5 times the past decade....hint NOT NEBRASKA.

sublime_fan27 said...

I probably wake up every morning and forget more about college basketball than you actually know. I'm well aware that Charlotte has had some pretty good teams in the past. Too bad their past teams won't be playing tomorrow night.

Like I said, we are going to win this basketball game.

Chris said...

I'm glad Cornshucker fans think they have a good basketball team now... Going to be fun sending all those fans with their heads tucked between their knees.

BTW, whoever thinks Aleks Maric is going to go out and dominate needs to check up on us. See Randal Falker, Ahmad Nivins, & future NBA player Shawn James to see how the Niners shut down the post.

Even the best game by a big man against us all year (32 by Clemson's Trevor Booker) wasn't enough to beat us.

The big men that give us problems though are the ones who can shoot from the outside, see Josh Ducan, Etienne Brower, etc.

You guys are going to love Lamont Mack, Charlie Coley, & Phil Jones.

sublime_fan27 said...

It's not Aleks Maric that you need to be worried's our defense.

So ummm yeah....have fun with that.

CubsNSkers05 said...

Maybe Creighton should be worried down 15 at the half to a team that has lost 7 of their last 8... at home...where my friend (huge creighton fan) claims there is probably only 8,000 fans there, I recall saying take away the alcohol and half as many fans would show up... hmmmm

darby said...

Kudos on Charlotte's past NCAA accomplishments.

I will be thinking of these great achievments while watching them play from my $10 seat in the first round of the NIT.

Yes I am one of those "Cornshucker" fans "who think they have a good basketball team now..." Not a great team but definetly a good team. (Progress not perfection.)

Either way I am looking forward to the game; should be good.

JLaw25 said...

For all you Nebraska fans...just remember to bring the ball "without the laces" tonight.

metroniner said...

wow Sub,
you are quite the cocky one. You guys barely squeaked into the top 100 RPI.

Niners by 12. Get some.

DJ said...

Charlotte is 6-10 on the road. Nebraska has three losses at home, two of which are from tourney teams. Defense will be the key to the game. Nebraska 69 - UNCC 60

sublime_fan27 said...

RPI doesn't mean anything. It's a Mid-Minor's dream though. You will lose tonight. That's not being cocky, that's just telling you how it's going to go down.

sublime_fan27 said...

Huh? What?

Goldwire...didn't look like had seen a defense like Nebraska's before.

WelcomeBackDana said...

Nice work CubsNSkers05, your statement pretty much sums up how much you know about basketball. I guess when a team is down 15 at the half, i guess that they should just stop the game huh?? All NU Bball fans are alike. They all read more and follow more CU bball then they admit, and they are just mad because after all their talk, they can't possibly start routing for the team that they enjoy more than their own....... You talk about fans only going to drink, who cares?? Does that hurt you?? I will bet that you haven't been to a NU game in years......keep on talking. GUESS WHAT 8 of 10 belong to me and my JAYS!!! Care to explain??

celticpride said...

"they can't possibly start routing for the team"

hahahahahahaha, like anyone should take your posts seriously when you can't spell a simple word right. Quit whining about the Huskers dominant win tonight and go start pre-gaming for your sure to be win at Florida. You guys are SO GOOD. We Husker fans bow to your greatness. That better?

CubsNSkers05 said...

Haven't been to a game in years? Hmm welcomebackdana

Wayne St, Nebraska Wesleyan, Presbetyrian, Alabama A&M, Creighton, Arizona St, Savannah St, Oregon, Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Missouri, Kansas St, Oklahoma.

No game in years, When did i say the jays should give up by the way. I said maybe creighton fans should be worried about their game and not ours being down 15 at the half, sorry i didn't clarify well enough for you to understand sir.

sublime_fan27 said...

"GUESS WHAT 8 of 10 belong to me and my JAYS!!! Care to explain??"

Yeah. I will explain. Barry Collier.

Just like the time your Dad took all the gay porn out from underneath your bed...your fun is over.

You're in Doc's world now and let's just say in the next several years your beloved Jays are going to get a lesson. Ever seen a size 14 shoe up a Bluejays ass? Your about to.