Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, the Sycamores are doing something the Jays couldn't do - rebound against Drake! If they keep this up - they could make this a game in the 2nd half. It's been a game of streaks so far...and Drake has been sloppy with the basketball and they have given up A LOT of 2nd chance opportunties to ISU.

Halftime - Drake leads by only 6: 32-26 and Kevin McKenna has to love that as the 8 seeded ISU are within 2 positions!! Can they hold it together?

Keys to the 2nd half for ISU to win:
1. HIT their shots!
2. Continue to rebound the ball on both ends
3. Get Tunnel in the game with more touches


Bill Brasky said...

No upset here. Drake is too good.

I'm trying to figure out why everyone is sleeping on Drake. You and Trav all but guaranteed that they wouldn't win this thing. Why?

NU_elecngnr said...

History in the MVC of #1 seeds is one thing...and that bit of hope that the Jays can run through St. Louis and get to the NCAA's....would be my guess...