Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pregame Thoughts....

Well, it's fun in here right now. Lots of excitement and talk from the fans. A TON of blue in the this building....

Josh Young is missing a lot of shots in warm ups....wanna bet he hits a ton during the game? I will. I'm a touch surprised to see a lot fans from teams knocked out staying around....good for the arena but not good for Omaha people coming down here to try to get into the building.

Jays have to guard against the quick start for Drake. They love to get it going fast with bombing 3's. Klayton Korver needs to have an off game today in my opinion - he could really affect this game if he gets hot. Plus, Mr. Korver is wearing Drake gear and sitting behind the DU maybe that's enough for Jays' fans to pull against a Korver? Maybe :).

Enjoy this one....should be a lot of fun. I say Jays 78-75. I'm 0-2 picking CU vs. DU games. And 0-1 here in St. Louis picking Jays' games so I might be bad luck.

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