Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nice Effort In Austin

Nebraska deserves credit for their effort tonight against No. 9 Texas. They were down 43-26 at one point in the game and it looked like the Longhorns were poised to run NU out of the gym like I thought they would. Going in I thought UT would cover the 14 point spread after losing their last game but Nebraska had other plans.

There are some questions coming out of this game to discuss. What would have happened if Aleks Maric had hung onto the ball down 2 with 14 seconds to play on that stupid end zone pass by Texas? In fact, I don't know how he DIDN'T make that play. Would it have mattered if Doc Sadler hadn't burned the team's final timeout with 2:51 to go in the game? I know that it was a close game but they could have used a timeout down by 2 with the ball. What if Texas hadn't hit their free throws? They were perfect down the stretch.

I thought Texas bought into their own hype a bit and stopped playing as hard as they were in the first half and NU picked it up big time. 70-66 final. Nice effort but a loss is a loss in March. There are no moral victories. A win would have put NU in the NIT for sure. Now, they will have a losing record in the Big 12 and their RPI will continue to go down. Margin of loss doesn't factor into the NIT decisions. Nebraska now has to hold serve against Colorado this weekend and get ready for the Big 12 tournament.

I'll say this about their defense....the Big 12 hasn't seen anything like it this season and it's causing some major problems for teams. It's not leading to wins all the time as the offense isn't that good but I don't think anyone wants to play them in KC. Going forward, if Nebraska gets a few better scorers on their roster, they might be a tough team to deal with playing D like that.


sublime_fan27 said...


Thanks for showing us at least a little love. I would listen a lot more if you talked a little higher about Nebraska Basketball and Doc Sadler...I think a lot of people would. Even if you continued to be a total Creighton homer, it would be ok.

We went on the road against a Top 10 team and fought hard and almost pulled off the upset. I think we are getting better. Doc's teams play great defense and are mentally tough. This is the reason I think we will finally break the streak of the no-NCAA wins eventually. Cip, Iba, Nee, and Collier's teams were never tough enough mentally.

Oh well, you can never be happy with a loss. Let's just hope we can go out and stomp CU.

John D said...

The website NITology.com has a projected NIT brakcet through the games played as of (3/3)....obviously this does not count the Texas loss.

This projection has Creighton as a #3 seed and Nebraska a #6 seed playing each other in the first round of the Syracuse Region in the NIT.

NIT Bracket Projection (3/3)

Red Sox Fan said...

Dream for NIT in terms of attendance. You'd get 18,000 in teh building for that. If Cookie can't go - I'd say CU wins. If he does - NU.

Erik in Lincoln said...


Because of the NCAA tourney, wouldn't it be at the Civic and not the Qwest? How fun would that be to go old school...9,000 Blue and Red at the old Civic -- I'm down for the rematch and the revenge...

NU_elecngnr said...

Would they still give the home game to CU if they cannot play in Qwest. From what I know of the NCAA, sometimes attendance plays a part and, because the Qwest would not be available because of the NCAA tourney, would NU be the home team? Honestly I would prefer it in the Qwest as it a closer drive and NU has some good NIT history in the Q....but dont know if the NCAA would put it in the Civic for sure if the Bob is available.

Tom said...

You know how to spell moral victory right? L-O-S-S

celticpride said...

"You know how to spell moral victory right? L-O-S-S"

Tom, why you gotta get on and start something? No Husker fan said anything about moral victory. Why try to start arguments for no reason. P.S. This is a Nebraska topic, I don't see how it's relevant for a Creighton fan to get on and post. Obsess much. (Sound familiar)?