Saturday, March 8, 2008

7:40 19-17

Well, the Jays have 7 turnovers to 2 for Drake! They have got to take care of the basketball!! They aren't playing well right now against the 2-3 just have the feeling that Drake is getting comfortable and they will start to hit their 3's.

Pierce Hibma is playing AMAZING D on Josh Young and he still scored on his last drive to the basket.

Kenny Lawson and Dane Watts have been the story for the Jays so far but they need P, Book, and Witter to start hitting from the outside. Jays are 6-16 from the field while DU is 8-15. Tempo is right where the Jays want it and they are still outrebounding DU 13-6 - that has to continue!

The next 4 minutes are REALLY important.

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