Saturday, March 8, 2008

Halftime 21-30

The half can be broken in half….first 10 – great. 2nd 10 – awful. They are ice cold from the outside. Give DU credit here – they are forcing the Jays to shoot it from the outside not believing that they can. Dana has to find a way to attack this 2-3 zone that DU is playing and they have to start hitting their outside shots. They are still in this game for sure but they need to keep pushing. P’Allen getting T’d up is not a good sign for the demeanor of this team right now. They are frustrated with the fact that they are getting beat by a better basketball team. They haven’t haven’t been able to handle DU all year and that half was the exactly why

Jays Fg % - 36%...1 fg is last 10 minutes!!!
DU Fg % - 40%....4-14 from 3.

Jays 3% - 2-11! 18%

Jays outrebounding DU 19-15 - really kept them in the game...

This could get ugly though....not looking good for the Bluejays.


rojungle said...

how's the bluejay crowd? I seem to hear more drake fans than bluejays. does that seem true to u matt???

Red Sox Fan said...

crowd is equal for are just hearing the DU fans behind T Scott