Monday, March 17, 2008

This Week's Schedule

What a CRAZY WEEK!!! My God! It's 5:30 am and I can't I'm up getting ready for this week. Here's the Schedule.....Farrell's is located at 9th and Dodge, a block from the Qwest Center - Your Basketball Party Headquarters!

Monday: Big Show Live from Farrell's from 2 to 6 pm - St. Patrick's Day Party! Preview all the basketball this week!

Tuesday: Big Show Live from Farrell's, Creighton vs. URI Pregame Show at 7:30 pm for NIT. Post Game show after the game approx. 11:30 to 1 am.

Wednesday: Big Show Live from Farrell's. NCAA Press Conferences Live, Nebraska vs. Charlotte in Lincoln at 8 pm

Thursday: KU vs. PST at 11:30 am. Big Show Live from Farrell's. KSt. vs. USC at 6:10 pm live at the Qwest Center. Then Wisconsin vs. Cal. St. Fullerton

Friday: Big Show Live from Farrell's to recap the week and preview Saturday

Saturday: 2nd round action begins at 3:20 pm - 2nd game 30 mins after

8 games in 5 days - WHAT A WEEK OF BASKETBALL!!

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