Friday, March 7, 2008

What a Win....

There are games that you watch as a media member that you have more of an interest in than others. Today was an interesting game because EVERYONE....and I mean everyone was picking Bradley to win. They were too quick, too fast, too big, too strong for the Jays....and they I'm not really sure except to say they just wanted it more.

The Jays went on a 17-4 run in the first half to have a big lead at the break, largely thanks to a triangle and 2 defense that confused Bradley. Offensively, it was the post play of Kenny Lawson and Dane Watts that really made the difference. Dane had 5 rebounds - all offensive, and Kenny had 8 himself. They called for the ball and played with a ton of heart.

But Bradley was Bradley and before we knew it - it was 67-67. Jays blew another big lead and they couldn't hit 3's in the 2nd half (1-11). They settled for outside shots and when they got to the line - they missed a few key free throws that would have iced the game. But in the clutch, it was Cavel Witter was buried 2 ft's to give the game to the Jays. 74-70. Jays advance.

This team is growing up right in front of our eyes. The CU fans here in St. Louis were awesome and the team really responded. P'Allen ran off the floor with his arms raised, fist pumping all the way to the locker room. You could feel the momentum for the Jays flowing....let's see if they can continue it tomorrow vs. Drake.

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