Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sad Day....

It's sad when a negative attack ads work to change the minds of voters at the last minute in Texas and Ohio. Hillary Clinton's campaign should be ashamed of it's behavior. The red phone was ringing for her campaign and they behaved like all the drowning candidates in history. It won't matter in the end as the math won't work for her but this is why young people have been dropping out of the political process for years. Disenfranchised voters line up by the thousands in support of Obama because he is something different and new....too bad Clinton was able to use old school politics to scare her way back into the race. And we wonder why people don't believe in the system...our own faults get in the way of it changing.


sublime_fan27 said...

Obama is an empty suit, all image. He has absolutely 0 experience. He's a rockstar, nothing more. Hillary Clinton is just a terrible person who is no where near qualified. McCain, while well qualified, is a big government fool who will refuse to fix our border problem.

We are doomed either way.

I will probably end up voting for McCain just so America doesn't make the mistake of getting Socialized Healthcare. That, my friends, would be the worst thing to happen to America in a long, long time.

Aric said...

JFK was an inexperienced "rockstar" too. Obama is the breath of fresh air America needs. Hillary is a corrupt robot and McCain can't make up his mind about anything.

I don't think true socialized medicine will ever happen in this country. Being in the health care field, I will say that a need for a hybrid type system would be beneficial to the masses as a whole. Providing a guaranteed, base-level care for everyone, but designing a threshold where anything beyond that will be out-of-pocket expense. Believe it or not, it will be less expensive to provide universal maintenance care than dealing with the issues we have now (people not being able to pay at many levels and hospitals going under because of it). Plus, there needs to be more oversight or regulation over these monopolistic insurance companies that are setting prices that even businesses and middle-income people can no longer afford (unless you want a $3,000 deductible).