Friday, March 7, 2008

Internet Issues...AWESOME start....

Jays are up 40-27 over Bradley. This is the team that we thought could be a dangerous one all year. Witter driving to the basket and creating. Woodfox hitting 3's. P'Allen throwing down dunks. Lawson crashing the boards. Watts, Hibma, and Bahe filling out their rolls. Dana has his team playing!

They have to watch out for the run that Bradley will get into by hitting 3's. They have been WIDE open and simply have missed. That happens in St. Louis with the tight rims and different setting. This game is NOT over!

Jays have to keep up the energy and scoring. They went on a 17-4 run to get the lead but they let 7-2 run happen at the end of the half for the lead to get cut down to 13.

P'Allen has 2 fouls...the 2nd of which was a joke! They have to keep pushing the tempo and play DEFENSE!!

** the courtside internet is down so I'm in the backroom writting this. If it come back I'll continue to blog from the court...if not...I'll post a full recap after the game is over.

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