Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nice First Show in Omaha for Hollywood Undead

So here is my take on Hollywood Undead's first show in Omaha who played Sokol tonight to a sold out crowd. The band out of Cali played everything you want to hear...the problem - they don't have enough stuff yet to put on a killer show.

Their debut album "Swan Song" has exploded amongst rock/rap fans to the point where they are selling out shows in just hours (Omaha was supposedly just a few hours after they booked Sokol Underground full in just 2 hours - causing 89.7 The River to book them for an upstairs holiday show). They simply don't have enough material to fill a full set.

Hollywood Undead played for around 70 minutes....plenty long for $13 admission charge but shorter than what you would like to see out of band that has formed a nice following. In fact, after listening to their 15 song album this morning, I think they played the entire thing. (That would be a first for my concert experience) I'm not a huge fan of bands who open with their number 1 hit but I get why they do it as they opened with "Undead". Jays fans will recognize the song as their tip off music this year. The album opens up with "Undead" - why not their shows. It sets a pace for the evening and gets everyone in the right mood.

I was very impressed with their sound quality and their seamless transitions from mic to mic. The pits were some of the most violent I've seen in Omaha - Don't worry, I learned my lesson at Dropkick Murphy's and stayed away from them. Surgery on Friday has caused me to be a watcher, not a participant. Sometimes, it can be confusing for a audience with 6 guys on mics but that didn't happen tonight. Hollywood Undead has done their homework - they know how to put on a show and get fans into their act.

If you were at the show and want more....here's a video of them opening up in Bakersfield. Hopefully next time they hit Omaha, they will play for longer but a nice introduction on Tour 1 for the band. It was fun - careful, some adult lyrics on this one:


LankBadly said...

Sound and look like Beastie Boy wannabe's to me. Were you the oldest guy there Matt?

farmboy2376 said...

Nothing I'd pay to see. Do look like Beastie Boy Wannabes though.