Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Fun

More Fun from Shockerland this time from a reporter I've had on the show. 

Again, the numbers will speak for themselves once Dana is done at CU in say - 10 years.  He will pass everyone for the most wins all time in MVC history and the most wins total by a Valley coach.  I also expect success in the NCAA's to quiet down those knocks as well.  

We can agree to disagree but as long as Dana doesn't leave CU - I believe I will be proven correct.

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sublime_fan27 said...

Sadly, you won't have a job long enough in Omaha to see your wet dream become reality.

Of course he's going to become the all-time wins leader in the MVC. All of the other good coaches in that league that had potential to make the next level bolted. Altman would be dumb to go to a BCS conference, he'd probably only be an average coach there.

It's a great accomplishment. But come on...if I'd of stayed in middle school a couple of more years I'd shatter records too.

Altman I'm sure will be #1 in MVC wins, but he will never be the best coach in MVC history. There's no way.