Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's Fill Up The Qwest

Ok Bluejay fans.  It's MVC time and wouldn't you know it....our old friend Double G Gregg Marshall is coming back to town with the Shockers.  The last time I saw Gregg coach a game - he was being escorted out of the Scott Trade Center after being the first coach in forever to be ejected from a Valley Tournament game.  Tomorrow night should be interesting but it's post Christmas - pre New Year' gotta show up Sunday night!  This is a big game!  The Jays have won 7 straight and are coming back after their winning trip to Vegas.  The race for the Valley begins tomorrow night.

Somethings to keep in mind in terms of Jays vs. Wichita: 5 of the last 6 meetings have been decided in the final seconds. 22 of Dana's 29 meetings with the Shockers have been decided by 12 points or less.  You have to go back to the 92-93 season find a Regular Season champ that lost their conference opener and went on to win the league!  And finally - WSU is PLUS 7.7! on the boards!!  We know the Jays aren't built to rebound this year.  

So what does this all means that a full house is needed!  Call your buddies, your relatives, co-workers and get them out to the game.  The Jays have normally gone up for crowd size once MVC play begins.  Last year it was up 10% from the non-con season!  Jays are averaging 15,844 fans per game as of right now on the year....adding 10% again would be awesome!  That would be 17,430 or so in the building for every Valley game for the rest of year!!  Make it happen Bluejay fans.  

Bottom line - let's all get out and appreciate what the team is becoming.  2009 could be a special year if the guys continue to develop together.  I'll see you at Farrell's for the Pre/Post game shows beginning at 5:30 pm.  

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