Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Little Better for CU - Bad News for Omaha

Well, it SUCKS that the Swim Trials won't come back to Omaha. The Swim Trials were an awesome event and the fact that Micheal Phelps was just named the SI Sportsman of Year coupled with the fact he will be back for London makes the news just sad. I wish they would just change the dates around a few days to make it work but it looks like USA swimming won't budge.

2nd - be on the look out for a 2 pm press conference tomorrow as the Omaha Royals have agreed in principle to move to Sarpy County and stay in the Metro. Allan Stein will be on the Big Show tomorrow to talk about the agreement in principle to build a new stadium for the O Royals.

Finally, the Jays beat Miss. Valley St. tonight at Qwest Center 82-58. The story wasn't the play of the team because it wasn't all that pretty. The play of P'Allen Stinnet was huge however. 18 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 0 TURNOVERS! He played great D all night and didn't say a word to anyone all night especially after a few impressive drives to the basket. He looked like a whipped puppy who understood that he needed to get out of the doghouse by busting his tail all game. Well, I think he did that tonight. Next up - AT St. Joe's. TOUGH place to play in Philly....should be a really fun game. Remember no TV - Only on Big Sports 590.


SpinSports590 said...

Who cares? Obviously no one.

beav said...

Jan 10 Missouri (ESPN2) L
1 pm
Jan 14 at Iowa State (FSN) W
7 pm
Jan 17 Kansas State (Big 12) W
5 pm
Jan 21 at Oklahoma (ESPNU)L
8 pm
Jan 24 Oklahoma State(Big 12) L
3 pm
Jan 28 Kansas (ESPN2)L
6:30 pm
Jan 31 at Texas Tech (Big 12)L
7 pm
Feb 4 at Colorado (FSN)W
9:30 pm
Feb 7 Texas (ESPN)L
1 pm
Feb 14 at Missouri (Big 12)L
12:30 pm
Feb 18 Colorado (ESPNU)W
8 pm
Feb 21 at Kansas (Big 12)L
3 pm
Feb 24 Texas A&M (ESPN2)W
8 :30 pm
Feb 28 at Kansas State (Big 12)L
7 pm
Mar 4 Iowa State (FSN)W
6:30 pm
Mar 7 at Baylor (Big 12)L
3 pm

I consider this a worse case scenario. I think that Nebraska could win a game against Okie State, Texas Tech, Missouri, or Kansas State. 7-9 seems most likely. I agree with Mitch.

BTW, Creighton could not get anymore wins in the big 12. Lucky for Creighton, they only have to worry about finished ahead of one team (ILL ST).

SC Cy said...

I'd be willing to bet a ton of money nebraska doesn't sweep Iowa State. Name your price.

beav said...

LOL. Wasn't expecting that response. You're not crazy ISU fan. I think 1 of those W's I listed could be a loss (excluding Colorado). But I also think 2 of those L's I listed may be wins. Hence, 7-9.

Red Sox Fan said...

You have 6 wins. I would also warn you about Hilton Magic. If they lose just one more game that you predicted...5-11 is right on.

Husker_Engineer said...

If Nebraska goes 5-11 with that schedule, then Creighton is, at best, 4-12

Colorado (2 wins)
ISU (1 win)
Texas A&M (1 win)

sublime_fan27 said...

Iowa State? Please! Any road game on the Big 12 is tough, but we go 4-0 against Colorado and Iowa State this year. We probably split K-State and Mizzou. We also probably split Okie St. at home or Texas Tech on the road. I'm guessing 7-9 this year. Wouldn't suprise me if we went 6-10 or 8-8 either.

We will see Sunday what this team is capable of. If we come out and play with Arizona State, we will be fine this year. We come out and get ran, maybe we don't do so hot.

You can say what you want about Doc Sadler, but outside of Kansas and the K-State road game, we were in every single game last year. Keep in mind that the Big 12 was, by far, the best conference in the nation last year. I think that says a lot about Doc's coaching ability.

SC Cy said...

Sublime you my friend are nuts. I'm not saying ISU will even be that tough this season. I just know it's very tough...almost impossible...for the average to below average teams in the Big XII to sweep their conference foe. Not since the glory days of Fizer and Tinsley did I chalk up auto wins in the Big XII. Even then nothing was a gimme. Shoot...playing in Boulder is tough.

SC Cy said...

I love the schedule prediction beav...good stuff! If I get a couple minutes I'll try that with my 'Clones (even though nobody here will care!).

beav said...

Even with "Hilton Magic", NU will win at least one of the games verses K St, OK ST, Texas A&M or Missouri.
Hence at least 6-10 but most likely 7-9.