Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Is Going On?

So we enter Day No. 3 of the Marlon Lucky hospitalization and we don't know anything more on Wednesday night than we did on Monday afternoon. What is wrong with him and why is he still in the hospital?

I would like to know. I think everyone who follows Nebraska would like to know. There are few stories that I have heard, one in particular, that I tend to believe. But I will not speculate his condition due to the medical laws out there. Yet, the family statement has lead to more questions than answers. Define Illicit? What does that mean - illegal? Non- prescription?

Regardless, Nebraska all of a sudden has some serious issues with their running backs. Brandon Jackson is gone. Cody Glenn has a foot problem. Kenny Wilson was in the hospital for a knee condition and surgery. And now Lucky is in the hospital and his future at Nebraska is in doubt. The 2007 recruiting class has some nice backs but Callahan is not going to want to run with another true fresh. Especially since the team will have a 1 year player at Quarterback.

Jay Norvell has left for UCLA. John Blake has gone on to North Carolina. Many players have talked about relationships that they had with those 2 coaches. There a lot of questions out there right now for Nebraska and Spring practice will be watched very least, as closely as the media will be allowed to.


aaron said...

I am a Nebraska fan and I know a lot of them. Everybody I talked to just wants Marlon Lucky to get better. But it seems yourself and other media members want to know what happen so they or you can be the first to break the story, kind of sad really. Thats what is wrong with this day in age, nobody has any privacy any more. Yeah it would be nice if everybody knew, but some of us respect him and his family enough to let them have their privacy. I have an idea, let it go until the family wants to elaborate on what happen, but then you couldnt bash on him if something bad did happen. I have been waiting for this little blog from you, pretty predictable.

Red Sox Fan said...

I want to know because its a story. I think a lot of people know what happened...I'm just curious to see if the truth will ever come out. I don't care to be the first one...As a member of the media - I want to know so the audience will stop asking.

Martin said...

Matt, I suspect you want to know so that you will have a show topic, generate phone calls, get ratings and make ad revenue. Thats all. I understand what you do is a business but this is exactly why HIPAA stop the release of private health information to people who simply do not need to know. Sure, I would like to know the truth, I've heard the rumors...rumors from very good sources as well, but they are just that and so they will stay. Until Mr. Lucky himself tells us what happened it will have to stay a mystery.

On a side note, would I believe anything that UNL puts out there...probably not so they have this town wired? Yeah, they do...however, don't buy into the fact that the Lincoln Police Department is in their backpocket. That is not necessarily true.

Have you done a FOIA request or are you waiting for Action News to do that for the 911 tapes? As you said on your show, you can learn alot from those tapes I suspect.

Make Plays said...

I agree with red sox fan. Aaron and Martin you say you respect his privacy, but you wanna know just as bad as everyone else. If its not reported on then everyone says you're not making a big enough deal about it. If you do then your devil for wanting to know the complete story. Its the job of the media to report these types of stories. Plus its the middle of february. What else is there to report on in the sports world.

Martin said...

Make Plays, you are missing the point. The media wants this story to generate stories for them to feed the public interest. Of course I want to know. I don't need to know, however. The law dictates a result in favor of privacy for the individual.