Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Senior Comes Up Big vs. Tech

When you start playing basketball as a youngster, coaches will tell you to never save the ball under your own basket. What about on your own side line with 2 seconds to play up by 1? That's a question now for Texas Tech's Charles Burgess who saved a ball going out of bounds at the end of the game vs. Nebraska. Sr. Charles Richardson was in perfect position to get the ball and bury Texas Tech with a buzzer beating 3 pointer for the 61-59 win. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time to make huge plays. Sometimes you need to force a shot clock violation to give yourself a chance to steal a game on the road.

Doc Sadler deserves a ton of praise for keeping his team focused and ready at halftime. The Huskers were down by 13 point at the break and could have easily mailed it in during the second half. But Nebraska came out with a fire - going directly inside to Aleks Maric, setting the tone with a big basket. Maric finished the game 11 points and 7 rebs but was a big factor in the 2nd half.

I picked Nebraska to finish 5-11 in the Big 12 after the loss to KU. Well, this team has shown a lot of heart, grit and determination by bouncing back to win back to back road games for first time since I was in college (1999). At 3-5 in the Big 12, Nebraska comes home to face a VERY good Texas A+M team. Hopefully, this win will get some people into the Devaney Center. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THAT GAME NOT TO SELL OUT.

Nebraska might not be the most talented team in the Big 12 - but credit Doc Sadler for keeping the team together after the KU disaster. Now they face Doc's mentor on Saturday. You better believe that Doc wants to beat a Top 10 team for first time in his career but it would be even sweeter if it came vs. Billy Gillispie.



aaron said...

You know I am about sick of hearing people bash on husker fans for not selling out every game like Creighton. I know you didnt say that. But, I would like to know the difference between 10,000 people going to a husker game, and 16,000 going to a Creighton game when about half of that are people not even there for the game but just to be seen. I have been to a Creighton game or two and ya they rank right up there in attendance for the nation, but watch a Kentucky game or a UNC game its not even close in similarity. I enjoy watching both teams but the whole sellout arguement is old. Check the numbers they hardly ever sold out at the civic, build something new and everyone wants to be seen there.

Red Sox Fan said...

Pretty sad to bitch about another team selling tickets....they sell tickets - bottom line. Huskers don't. Average attendance is average attendance...The Valley wasn't nearly as good as it is now back when the Jays were at the Civic. Build a new arena if you think it will NU attendance....

aaron said...

i agree that they need to sell tickets, but to think all this time that Creighton had a bunch of loyal fans is a joke. Bad or good if they were real fans they would have sold out before the quest was built. We do agree that Nebraska needs to have some better attendance numbers, but that shouldn't be held against us fans that do go actually for the game.