Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are the Jays In The Tourney Right Now?

I say Yes - for now. And here is why:

The loss to Drexel last night hurts for knocks them down to a 10 seed in my opinion from a 7/8 that they were before the game. But with the Valley Tourney to come - the Jays need to win their last 2 regular season games and then 1 game at the Valley tourney and they are in. Not the best seed - but in none the less.

However, if they don't beat Wichita and Ill. St. - they won't be in and they will have to win Arch Madness.

Here's a look at their numbers:

Worst RPI Loss Non Confernce: @ Fresno St @ 108
Worst RPI Loss Conference: @ Indiana St. @ 140

Those Loses aren't horrible but they aren't pretty either. The losses to SIU by 5 points and the loss to Drexel aren't horrible but they should have won those games. All 3 of those losses came as the team couldn't convert down the stretch. Both home games exposed the lack of depth the Jays have at the post position.

Best RPI win Non-Conference: Xavier @48
Best RPI win Conference: @ Missouri St. @ 41

The Jays don't have a SIGNATURE win...but they have a lot wins against teams they will be put up against for at large bids. They have a solid resume' - not a spectular one. But they can't afford to stumble down the stretch. The Jays are in RIGHT NOW - but in 2 weeks, they very easily could play themselves out.

Record vs. Top 25 RPI: 0-2
Record vs. 26 - 50 RPI: 5-0!!

Like I said before, the 5-0 record against teams they are fighting against for an at large bid should help. But they need to finish strong!

Last 10 - 7-3

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aaron said...

I believe that the sweet bracketbuster really exposed the Mo Valley for what it really is overrated and plain average. The bottom line is, the valley is still a mid major, and should be looked upon as such