Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big Show for Wednesday

-Summit Kills it...literally
-Big 12 vs. MVC debate...again
-Celtics broadcaster is sexist
-Closing the Civic?
-Beer Gardens capped for CWS?
-Trent Green, a Dolphin?
-Nebraska vs. Iowa St.

3pm - Gary Parrish, CBS Sportsline
5pm- Greg McDermott - HC of Iowa ST.


aaron said...

matt, we disagree on a lot of stuff, but one thing we agree on is that the arguement of who is better mo valley or big 12 is useless. But one thing i dont understand is that you say that the Nebraska win over creighton wasnt that big of a deal because it happened early in the year. But then when you are talking about all the teams that Missouri Valley teams beat you mention Missouri St. beating Wisconsin. Im not talking about whos in or out but I just thought that was funny. And by the way, another funny statement you made today was how if Creighton makes the NIT and plays Nebraska you would pick Nebraska because the bluejays would be devistated. Sounds like a line of crap to me. Just another creighton fan and ya you are a fan that is obvious(which is fine)making excuses before the game even happens.

Red Sox Fan said...

Not excusese because I truly believe the Jays won't be in the NIT but facts are facts...but if Nebraska plays D like they played tonight - they would lose for to the Jays for sure in Omaha. Game will be different at the Qwest Center than the D.