Friday, February 2, 2007

Big Show for Friday

Big Topics:
-Brett Favre is going back to Green Bay...Good Idea?
-Super Bowl Pick...Why I'm taking the Bears
-Big Weekend of college hoops
- Jays at Drake - another W is needed
- Huskers on road vs. Missouri - lost 11 straight there
-Andy Reid son uses heroine!
-Miami reporter apologizes to Nick Saban for leak

Big Show Big Picks on Prop Bets at 5:15

2:30 - Steve Alford Coach of Iowa Basketball
4 pm - Dan Beyer Fox Sports live from Miami - SB update
4:30 - Drake Forward Klayton Korver, Kyle's Bro
5 pm - Poker Pro TJ Cloutier, taking calls live on air
5:30 - Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports SB picks


aaron said...

I am wondering if Matty will give Nebraska some credit for a win on the road or will he just say that Mizzou is no good. Either way I am betting he is going to praise Creighton for a win on the road against Drake. Either way both Creighton and Nebraska should be commended for wins on the road. I guess we will just have to wait till Monday to find out. If you listen to that radio station.

Red Sox Fan said...

Both will be talked about - I was at Drake so CU will get talked about more. Plus, there was more controversy out of the Jays game and I've got awesome audio from both coaches....