Friday, February 9, 2007

Big Show for Friday

Big Topics:
-What is it with Southern?
-Sell out for Nebraska vs. Texas A+M?
-Tom Shatel's hosts a really cool group for Bracket
-Wade Phillips New Cowboy Coach
-Reggie Bush commits violation on Signing Day?
-Russell Crowe "Cheerleaders make men uncomfortable"

2:30 - Rodney Watson, SIU Asst. Coach
3pm - Tom Shatel OWH - Mock Bracket Selection
4pm - Dana Altman, Coach of the Jays
4:45- Paulie from Paulies' 25 ann. party
5pm - Billy Gillispie, Texas A+M Head Coach
5:30 - NFL Hall of Famer Willie Davis

sidenote: Celtics have lost 16 straight and counting.....

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