Monday, February 26, 2007

Roller Coaster Continues....

31 and 19 for the Big Aussie vs. Missouri. What if he could do that every night? That's my question for Nebraska now. Next year - with better perimeter scorers and defenders on the way, could Aleks Maric go off every night as teams are forced out of the necessary double team?

I say yes, if he wants it. I was glad to read this week that Aleks has no intention of going pro after the season. Maric could get paid $200k/yr+ to go play in Europe or in Australia but if he wants the NBA dough - he better be back in Lincoln next year. He has the body for the League but does he have the heart? Maric likes to act as if he's playing a role in a Shakespeare play sometimes with his flopping and arm flailing. It can cause a ref to question a call and not whistle a foul when he is actually hit. He needs to get mentally tougher next year - in addition to physically.

Yet, as Nebraska sits at 16-11, the NIT is very much in the picture and many teams have used an NIT run to set up a great season the next year. Coach Doc Sadler knows that his team is only as good as Aleks is on a particular night. That's why they are so up and down....tough to tie yourself to a player that isn't always available for a ride.

The Huskers have Iowa St. coming in on Wednesday. You have no idea which team will show up. The one that beat Tech and Missouri or the one that got killed by KU twice and lost to Baylor. But this is how this team is going to go from here on out. They will win a game or two that they should lose....and vice versa.

I just hope the fans are there to see it. Wednesday night, I hope there are at least 10,000 fans there to watch the game. Should be a good one....two first year coaches trying to further install their systems - setting up for next year.

PS - Keep a close on who the new AD will be for Arkansas. Frank Broyles will be out soon and if the new AD is close with Doc - I'd start to worry a little. Stan Heath is most likely gone after the year - and the new AD will want to put his stamp on the program. Some have called Arkansas Doc's dream job....if that is true, and the fact that his family is still there....Woo Pig Sooie might his new calling card....He had a heck a junior college run in Arkansas and almost didn't go to UTEP because he loved it there so much.

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AJ said...

Does that mean Houston Nutt would replace him? (Only if Pederson offered him the job of course...which he didn't..uhh..I mean wouldn't)