Thursday, May 3, 2007

Big Show for Thursday

- Brady, a Yankee fan!?
- 3 Point line to be moved back
- Philly Reporter says she's sorry
- Run For the Roses in your life
- UFC vs. Boxing
- NBA Playoffs

3 pm - Jack Van Berg - Kentucky Derby winning trainer
4 pm - Greg Doyle CBS Sportsline
5 pm - Sean Devaney SI Basketball writer


kevin said...

yeah I wanna talk about the kentucky derby....

the horse named
snowpass has a good chance, however I think that the horse chandler's bing is also very good...and don't forget that the 7 horse is always a sneaky bastard...lucky number slevin. hell of a horse that thing. but not to be ruled out is beachhouse bungalow burban rally, now THAT bastard is goona be kicking some serious ass. Make sure you have a mint julep or 20 while there.

here is to the best of time, the worst of times, the EARLY TIMES...the worst whiskey ever, and official sponsor of the kentucky derby and the bourbon of choice for the mint julep.

greg said...

My brother just informed me about your show and you comparing boxing vs. UFC? Are you nuts that is like comparing flag football (which you must play) and the NFL Superbowl!! I will listen to your show now since it must be as funny as Jackass the movie because you are simply just talking stupid. UFC will never be matched by any sport, you just go and have fun and sound like an idiot talking about a dying sport.

greg said...
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greg said...