Thursday, May 31, 2007

A-Rod is A-Cheat

M.V.P. Highest paid player in the game. Greatest hitting short stop ever. Those were the names given to A-Rod in Texas. Since moving to New York...the names are far more negative.


Cheap shot artist.

and Now, Bush league Adulterer.

A-Rod was caught in Toronto with a woman not his wife by the New York Post. Not that going to strip clubs with a woman you have been seen with in Dallas, Vegas, and other cities with is considered cheating on your wife...but it's close. We can, at the very least, assume that they are more than friends...kinda like I can assume that gravity will keep my ass on this couch. A-Rod's going to New York brought thoughts of winning a championship - their first since 2000...He had as many championships rings as the Devil Rays when he went to the Big Apple. He still has that number today. ZERO.

This year, it has been a train wreck for Mr. April and Co. and the coming series with Boston could be the death nail for the season.

So what do you with A-Rod after his latest controversy? He ran past the 3rd baseman for Toronto and yelled "Mine!" causing him to pull off the ball. The Yankees were up by 2 at the time...they won by 5. Did the A-Rod play cause them to win? No, they were leading before he did that. It was unnecessary - just his hit on Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox (see video below) a few weeks either. You couple that with is purse-slap of Bronson Arroyo and you've got = Bush-Rod.

Do you suspend him? No. But he lost a lot of respect in the locker room by doing that. You heard it from Torre and Damon after the game - almost confused as to why it happened. Embarrassed for him might be the best way to describe the Yankee reaction.

This guy is NOT a Yankee. I've said it before. If you look at the Yankees who captivated the city with their play, their grace and their personalities - A-Rod doesn't come close to being a "Yankee". Jeter, O'Neil, Mattingly, Boras, Rivera. Those are the names that pop in my head when I think of the New York Yankees. Not A-Rod. He will never be among those warriors.

A-Rod will opt out of his contract after this disaster of a year in over for him in New York. Let's hope and pray the Red Sox aren't stupid enough to sign him.


the_anti_blue said...

Oh, Matthew! The other day I heard you use the term death knell on your show (I believe you were talking about the end of Creighton's baseball season) and I thought, "Damn, this guy is actually expanding his vocabulary for the better."

But,alas, your blog has been your undoing again. I see you spell it "death nail" on this blog posting and realize that once again... you have no idea what you are saying half the time.

Just as an FYI, this is the definition of the term you are using without realizing what it is you are referring to:

knell \NEL\, verb:
1. The stoke of a bell tolled at a funeral or at the death of a person; a death signal; a passing bell; hence, figuratively, a warning of, or a sound indicating, the passing away of anything.

Still love the show and I admire your continued attempt at mastering the English language!!

kevin said...
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kevin said...

or he could have meant the death nail as in the final nail in the coffin, or the final nail to hammer down a team, or nail used to kill that team.


Red Sox Fan said...

alas, we thank the lord again for making are some people ridiculous

the_anti_blue said...

Death nail, huh? Yeah, I guess we could pretend that's what he meant. But I'm really pretty sure that isn't the case. Past performance tends to be indicative of future results.

No, I think that our fine young scholar has heard the phrase "death knell" used in the exact context he was using it over and over again and just didn't realize what it was they were saying or what it meant.

Don't worry... 70% of Americans and 97% of your audience would never know the difference.(as illustrated by Kevin's defense of your gaffe).

Speaking of ridiculous... how about that scintillating grammar in the Hardee's ad. "Without Hardee's some guys would starve to death and I'd say that's probably absolutely the truth."

Probably absolutely? How can something be probably absolutely the truth? Probably means likely but not for sure. Absolutely means without a doubt. They cannot be used in the same sentence describing the same thing.

Maybe if Matthew could go a more than two sentences without using the word "absolutely" that ad wouldn't be so embarrassingly redundant.

Still love the show Matty! Just hoping that one day your vocabulary and grammar will match your passion and sports knowledge.