Friday, May 11, 2007

Stupid Boston Media

Every year the Red Sox get rolling, the media in Boston forget history. They forget that the Red Sox have choked away leads in the last month of the season. They forget that Boston has often been known to forget how to pitch, hit, and catch in September when the Yankees are charging.

No, they can't just appreciate what is going on....they have to go and write crap like this:

As a Sox fan, I believe in my team but I often get nervous that the media sets up the team for failure. If they win, the media can say "I told you so". If they lose, they get to rip the team apart for blowing it.

Remember, that article come September 1.

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reideen1313 said...

I think you mean write - not right.

Right? (As in correct - not the direction.)

I know spelling can be confusing for you radio guys....