Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Show for Wednesday

- Jays Beat Huskers
- The Future of Mike Anderson
- Ball Park news
- Knights leave Omaha
- NBA Suspensions
- New Husker Qb Recruit

3 pm - Mike Roth HC Parkway W. H.S. Gabbert's Coach
4 pm - Pat Venditte CU Pitcher
5 pm - Bryan Munson

Chasing: Yankee Joba Chamberlain and New Recruit Blaine Gabbert

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Mike Bell said...

Matt, I heard your show about the Knights leaving Omaha. It is incredibly arrogant and ignorant of you to state and assume that, "the Knights left and nobody cared". You started off right, you went to one game, out of 80 plus in Omaha in the two years so far. What can you possibly know about the subject?? I know there are hundreds of fans, many hundred who are outright sick over the thought of losing the Knights club, myself included. Of the 40 plus friends I invited to games, 15 had never heard of the Knights. Another 20 had never been to a live hockey game. Two have signed up for season tickets for next year if there is one... and most have now been to several games. I can see why the Mavs club (attendance averages off 3,000 plus since the Knights came to town) want the Knights gone. More and more of their fans see the level of hockey the Knights offer, and are defecting. There are many factors that have lead to the losses incurred by the Knights club. Not the least of which has been the Omaha news media's bias against the Knights club.