Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Curse Continues.....

Len Bias. Reggie Lewis. Larry Legend Leaving. Tim Duncan is a Spur. Picks 3 and 6 ten years ago. Rick Pitino. Dancers at the "New Garden" and now.....The 5th Pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.
5th! Cinco? What, did I just hear that bald guy right? 5th! I thought it was a joke when Brian was doing that stupid draft lottery fake thing and he kept getting 4th and 5th. I'm absolutely in shock. And I'm not alone....did you see that guy in Boston on ESPN? That's how I feel.

Or this guy:

As a Celtics fan....this may be the closest I have come to wanting to jump off of a bridge.

I know you are feeling my pain.

Tanner in Omaha

The NBA has to fix this. There is NO reason for Portland to be No.1 and the Hawks getting No. 3! Portland had 32 wins last year. The Celtics and Grizzlies had 24 and 22 wins. The Hawks had 30 wins. The worst team should get the No. 1 pick. Screw this ping pong ball BullSh$t! Seattle getting the 2nd pick might be the only justice that there was in this year's "lottery".

Atlanta now gets to keep their pick and not send it to Phoenix. Seattle gets Kevin Durant to run with a team that soon will be playing their games in Oklahoma City. Atlanta gets left out to the Big 2 conversation.

But for Boston, this is awful. This is Tim Wakefield giving up a homer to Brett Boone type of crap. Total kick in the nuts. So much for watching the next Celtic superstar take the team out of the gutter. We have to now trust Danny Ainge and his joke of a coach to take us back...please. That's not happening without supreme talent.
I can't believe this....horrible night.



yhusker said...

"There is NO reason for Portland to be No.1, Seattle and the Hawks getting the No. 3!"

yes there is....$$$$$$$$! Think how much money the NBA made off that show tonight. If the NFL had a similar event it would draw a big audience too. Another reason: it keeps teams from blowing games late in the season. I know it may sound stupid, but it's true. Teams would just throw in the towel to secure the worst record.

Stop having sour grapes since your team didn't win. You know just as I do that if the Celtics were the ones winning the lottery with 31 wins then you would have no problem with the system.

yhusker said...

sorry 32* wins. And I am a Phoenix fan, who also got screwed because Atlanta now gets to keep the pick that would've been theirs, but that's the way the balls bounce.