Sunday, December 31, 2006

How In The Hell.....

...did the Chiefs get into the PLAYOFFS?! WOW. KC was a long shot at best to get into the postseason when the day began. Then the Bengals lost. Then Titans lost. Then the FREAKIN' San Fransisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos in Overtime! How 'bout that for Chief fan. The Broncos lose and the Chiefs get in? They got in thanks to their star running back Larry Johnson who's 138 yards rushing lead KC to a 35-30 win over Jacksonville today at Arrowhead.

KC will travel to Indy for a game on Saturday with a 3:30 pm kick on Big Sports 590 and NBC. With Indy's pathetic run defense, you have to like the Chiefs' chances at actually WINNING a playoff game this team around.

Let's be honest - the Chiefs don't belong or deserve to be in the playoffs. Teams that blow 28-14 leads to Cleveland shouldn't be in. But they are in - so why not enjoy the ride.

The Chiefs vs. Colts is not the only really interesting match up for WildCard Weekend. How about the Patriots vs. the Jets? Magini vs. Belicheck Round 3! 1-1 so far. Or the Eagles vs. the Giants's rubber match game in Philly? Dallas vs. Seattle will be worth watching because I want to see if Tony Romo can actually pull the 'Boys out of this nosedive.

My preseason Super Bowl pick is not going to happen - Cowboys vs. Bengals. Now that we have the teams set....My prediction is Saints vs. Chargers. I want to take Philly but Jeff Garcia? I just don't trust him in the postseason yet. Philly vs. New England rematch would be a lot of fun though.


Ben said...

Isn't it a little wierd to use one's divisional record to break a tie for the conference wildcard? I understand using it as a tiebreaker for the divisional champion, but not for the wild card.

The Chiefs went a pathetic 5-7 against the AFC, while the Broncos went 8-4 in conference. Yet, the Chiefs are going because 4 of those 5 wins came in the division.

CubsNSkers05 said...

Do you really think the chiefs don't deserve to be in? Sure they blew that lead but to say the broncos deserve it anymore is ridiculous. Neither should deserve to be in but when one team wins the game they need to and the other can't manage to beat the 49ers at home, it happens. Just because the chiefs had everything fall into place doesn't mean they didn't deserve it. They won when it counted did they not? Therefore, they do deserve to be in the playoffs, just my two cents.