Saturday, December 23, 2006

Class Act that Doc....

We might have seen clearer picture as to who Doc Sadler is as a man. With his team getting beat badly by Hawaii tonight, Doc flipped out. Mr. High Energy lost control of himself and then his team lost the game. With his history in the WAC- not getting calls was something Doc KNEW was going to happen before the game was even played:

"When I left UTEP and got out of the WAC, I said I'd never take another basketball team to Hawaii," he said. "But here we are again."
That doesn't mean Sadler is preparing excuses in advance.
"If you're mentally tough and block out all the extracurricular things, which I think we'll do, I like our chances,"
- Omaha World Herald

Too bad Coach didn't take his own advice. Down 27-14 with 5:13 to play in the 1st half, Doc got his second technical and got tossed. First, this is NOT the NBA and getting tossed DOES NOT help your team. Its very embarrassing to get thrown out of a college game. However, I think he wanted to get tossed. In fact, was trying to get sent to the showers early.

Before the the final exchange, Doc was overheard on the TV mic telling one official that he was going to get tossed out of the game if the calls continued to go against Nebraska. It was like something out of Hoosiers when Gene Hackman asks to get booted. After a free throw attempt - Doc continued to talk and was then given what he was after, thus getting kicked out.

What happened next, I think, is the biggest deal though. Sadler called over the official who T'd him up and said "Hey Larry, Listen to me real closely - FUCK YOU!". Totally without class, Sadler has suddenly shown himself to be a loose cannon when things are going wrong. His team was being outplayed and with Creighton sitting in the Championship Game - he simply cracked. It was a sad display for a coach who up to this point had done nothing but good as the coach of Nebraska. Being angry is one thing, but disrespecting officials and insulting them personally will haunt you as a coach. Officials are like elephants - they never forget and they stick together.

The final score - a not surprising 80-72 with Center Aleks Maric getting injured in the second half and trying to play through the pain for no reason. Give the kid credit for playing hurt but a coach should have sat him down. A lot more to go in the season for Nebraska but maybe more of a chance to see Doc Sadler embarrass himself and his school.


Scott said...

come on, matt. that's just plain goofy. this post makes it sound like you're the one who cracked when nebraska beat creighton.

it's your vitriol that is embarrassing and shows a lack of class, by revealing your desperation to create ratings-boosting controversy. (big sigh.) we's your job. we're used to it.

any husker fan who watched this game was cursing those abominable refs, so i doubt you'll find many who agree with you, but, of course, you already knew that.

doc rocks for standing up for his team!

good luck to creighton tonight.

UNK_Lopers said...

Great write up, Matt!

I agree, Doc Sadler just snapped because he was so concerned about Omaha Dental being in the title game that he just couldn't take it.

Wise up, son! Do you really think that Doc Sadler was thinking about the ToolJays, a team that he already made his b!tch, when the zebras were giving the game to Hawaii. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Did you really graduate college?

I seen you in a bar a couple of months ago hanging around a bunch of white trash kids with ToolJay shirts on. They were all hovering around you like you were a big deal. I didn't even know who you were (like most people around here). So I asked the bartender, 'Who is that douche bag over there with all those trashy Omaha Dental fans'. He told me you were some sports talk guy. I find it very ironic that I finally get to read some of your work. It was about how I thought it would be, written at a 3rd grade level.

You're an idiot. I'm suprised you even have a job. On second thought, there are a lot of bandwagon CU (that's creighton university, not to be confused with the real CU: Colorado University) fans who probably worship you.

By the way, Matthew.....73-61!!!!!!!!!!

Mark said...

Hey lopers, I disagree with Matt as much as the next guy. But if you're going to bag on him for not being intelligent, at least look up the definition of irony first.