Sunday, December 24, 2006

Great Exposure for Nebraska

So I'm watching NFL football (Saints vs. Giants...I don't get the Pats vs. Jax game here in Philly) and I can't get over the number of times I've seen the Nebraska vs. Auburn Cotton Bowl game promos during this game and over the past week. Even though the Huskers aren't in a BCS game - you wouldn't it know given the promotion of the Cotton Bowl. Fox Sports should get a check from Nebraska for the exposure that they are giving the program.

This is why the Cotton Bowl was better than the Fiesta Bowl for the long term. The first game of 2007 on Fox will have more interest than the Fiesta Bowl. Also, the promotion of the "Fox Bowl Bash" will give the Huskers a large audience hungry for some post New Year's Eve football to lounge on the couch and watch. Nobody wants to see Boise St. and Oklahoma. Just looking at the ad - when you see it, what game is swallowed up? Yup - the Fiesta Bowl. What game seems really interesting -yup, the Cotton Bowl. Let's hope the game lives up to the audience size that it should have come the 1st of the year.

While I'm here - I didn't watch the Creighton vs. Hawaii game yet but it sounds like the guys either ran out of gas or just fell apart at the end of the game. Nice showing by both Nebraska and Creighton, coming in 3rd and 2nd respectively at the Rainbow Classic. Hawaii won the thing for the 11th time...a record and not a surprise to those who follow college basketball. Winning in Honolulu is very, very can interpret that any way you want :). BTW - prediction wise - I sucked...2-3 (i didn't pick NU's 3rd game) for the Classic.

Merry Christmas...and I'll see if I can find time to post again today...

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