Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wanna go to the Cotton Bowl?

So what happened to Nebraska fans support like no one else? Neither Nebraska nor Auburn have sold out there allotment of tickets for Monday's Cotton Bowl and there is ZERO buzz for this game.

In fact, according to - you can buy tickets for as low at $12 bucks! What?!!! The face value is $90! This, the excitement for a game that has Nebraska in it? Last year, the Alamo Bowl had the fans buzzing after missing a bowl game in 2004...and the Huskers were facing a Michigan team that had played like crap all year. At least Auburn has defeated 2 BCS being Florida!! Why aren't the fans going in droves?

I, for one, am very excited for the game. I've picked Auburn to win 28-24 but a big Nebraska win could make a large statement for next year. I think it could be one of the best of the bowl season if both teams show up. I guess the question should be asked as well - will the fans show too?


Martin said...

I decided not to go because it is a crappy bowl, with generally crappy weather, in a crappy location, in a crappy stadium, at a crappy time of day. I have never understood the Big XII's facination with the Cotton bowl. I have always advocated making the Holiday or even Alamo Bowl your number two bowl because of the location.

Additionally, many shot their budgets on USC and the Big XII game. Flights are very expensive right now and driving through this impending winter storm is no bargain either.

Finally, no one really wants to see Nebraska get beat against what should be a better team. Moreover, Jan 1 bowl games, unless they are BCS games, have become less and less significant and are starting to outlive their usefulness.

AJ said...

Pretty simple. Nebraska thinks they're above this game. Their mediocre roll through the North had them convinced it was 1995 all over again.

NU fans aren't excited because they expected to be in the BCS.

Simple as that.

Kevin said...

If anyone has ever been to the Cotton Bowl then you should understand why a lot of NU fans are not going.........because it's a DUMP!! Worst facility I have ever seen for college football.

AJ you are a complete tool for thinking that NU is above this game. The Cotton Bowl is a Jan. 1st bowl so I would think NU is happy to be in this game. Now run along AJ and go watch some soccer.

AJ said...

Typical excuse from the typical "greatest fans in college football". Seriously..I don't care if you don't show up...I really don't.

But don't put a sign up on every freaking door to your stadium claiming how great you are, if you're no better than anybody else...which you aren't.

You people bag on K-State all the time, yet they had 30,000-40,000 in Houston last night (a far worse city than Dallas, and further away) to watch their crappy team get bitchslapped by Rutgers. (Say that last part again to yourself).

"Crappy stadium?"

Your team is playing an SEC power in one of the oldest bowls a city less than a 1/2 day drive from Omaha.

Awaiting your snappy comeback Kevin. Maybe you can cite curling in this one.

Anonymous said...

AJ- Nice to see you on this board as well. Maybe Husker fans will finally wake up?

I have listened to Perrault for the year and a half that I've been up here, and actually work at Journal now (different station than Big Sports). Matt keeps it real and puts things in perspective. I always loved listening to Husker fans during a postgame show. You either expected people to jump off the 13th Street bridge (USC, Okie State, KU) or you heard jagoffs saying the Huskers will win out and not lose next year after beating powerhouses like Nicole State, K-Lame, A&M.

Should be interesting to see some tails between the legs after tomorrow. Well, I should say it's probably the only time they've ever had anything between the legs.

CubsNSkers05 said...

Yes we rolled through the big 12 north but no one has said it's like 95 no team will be as good as that team AJ sorry to break it to you. But Nebraska is on the rise no one thinks we have this game in the bag. Think before you talk.