Friday, December 22, 2006

Finally Funk's Got it On

"He's Back!"

The Jays have been waiting since the Nebraska game to see Nate Funk light up the score board. Last night, the senior crushed Valpo for 22 points (20 in the 2nd half!) and 4 of 5 from behind the arc as the Jays took down Valpo 68-43 in Game 1 of the Rainbow Classic. One of the those 3's was a Nebraska-esque, end of shot clock prayer that made the entire arena ooh and ahh. It was his night and big win for the team. Up next, Houston and coach Tom Penders. The same guy who said CU couldn't get the ball over half court vs. his team last year.

However, just like the Nebraska game - did anyone else notice that Nate went off with Tolliver on the bench? They work with AT on the floor as they can pound it inside or they can let Nate take over a game with his outside shot. AT took 4 shots! 4! In the game against Fresno he took 17!

This is a major problem for Coach Altman. He must find a way to go inside/outside with his two seniors and get the others to understand how to play with them. AT is a awesome player in the post but for the guards like Josh Dotzler and Isaac Miles, I'm not sure they know where to look for offense with both guys in the game.

It's great to see Nate hitting shots but I want to see what happens if both guys are hot on the same night. How will the team handle it? Who will get the rock first? Who is really the first option? Great win over Valpo - forcing 19 turnovers while committing just 9. They need to duplicate the effort tonight vs. Houston. Nebraska won their game and have a really tough one vs. Hawaii tonight. However, a CU vs. NU rematch is still on the table.

Oh, and will someone please teach Nick Porter how to hit a LAYUP!

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