Friday, December 22, 2006

2006 Hottest News Chick is.....

Brandi Peterson of KETV is this year's winner. She beat out weather gal Andrea Bredow 24-22 on votes in a close race. Malorie Maddox of WOWT, last year's champ came in 3rd.

I had the chance to sit next to Brandi at the Nebraska vs. USC game in California and found her to be very nice. She was very interested in the game and was asking very intelligent questions. I told Brian, the Producer that I thought she should win at 1:45 pm today. I'm 2-2 on predictions here in Omaha. Congrats to Brandi and thank you to everyone who voted on the "Biggie Awards" and who called in tonight. We were flooded as normal.

I'd also like the thank The Reader for publishing this story on us:

You will read a lot bullshit about me on the internet, and that is one site that has plenty of it. I know it comes with my job but people who are gutless and don't sign their names really piss me off. Especially if they are members of the media - which many of those people who read that blog are. You will never find me say anything without my name attached. I stand behind what I think and never run from a fight. I can't stand it when people push information that they have no idea about...but I guess that's why bosses tell me to stay off the internet :).

Oh always - thanks for listening.

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Bugaha said...

I don't understand your beef with that blog, what did they say that ticked you off?