Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Tidbits

- The BCS folks should be embarrassed. In particular, the Rose Bowl-Stuck-in-the-past folks for taking a 3 loss team in Illinois to play against USC. The Illini lost to Missouri. Missouri went to the Cotton Bowl today and FLATTENED Arkansas. Illinois didn't even belong on the same feild as USC today. Tony Temple against the USC D? Would you have liked to see that? Me too. BCS sucks and I hope Kansas, another team Missouri beat, is the next team to get crushed. Missouri should have played in a BCS game.

- The SEC is once again showing that it's the best conference in America. They are 5-2 on the year so far and if Georgia keeps up what they are doing - they should be 6-2 with the National Championship Game to come. The 2 losses - Florida to Michigan and Arkansas to Missouri. No shame in those losses given the conditions they were played in (Arkansas without a coach and Michigan was playing for Lloyd Carr). Michigan played inspired ball against Florida but still nearly lost. However, Auburn beat a ranked Clemson team. Tennessee beat a ranked Wisconsin squad. Alabama beat Colorado. Miss. St won their bowl game as did Kentucky who beat depleted Florida St. If LSU and Georgia win - which I think they will - There won't be anyone with a brain who can argue that the SEC isn't the best Conference in America.

- The Big 12 is having a nice bowl season which is a pleasant surprise. So far - 4-2 with 2 BCS games to come. Texas Tech pulled out a stunning win over Virginia today. Missouri wrecked Arkansas, Texas manhandled a Top 11 team in Arizona St and Okie St cruised against Indiana. The losses so far have been Colorado pushing Alabama and A+M's hard fought effort against Penn St. I want Kansas to get killed to further embarrass the BCS but Oklahoma vs. West Virginia is going to be awesome.

- The NHL should think about doing more special type games like they did today with Buffalo and Pittsburgh playing outdoors. Hockey is dying - we all know that. Any time you can get NBC to broadcast a game with 70,000 people attending is a good sign for the sport. Hockey is a niche sport but they still have their die hards. Events like today, even with poor ice conditions, is exactly what needs to happen in the future. I'd even say move the games around to other football stadiums in hockey markets to help sell the sport but it was a special day in Buffalo today.

- Strange not having a Husker bowl game to watch huh?

- 49-3. That's the combined record for the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics since the Red Sox went down 3 games to 1 to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. Thanks to Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe for pointing that out...but that my friends....is SICK!

- This is the first college bowl season that I'm watching in HD and man, what a difference. What did I ever do before my 42' inch Plasma :).

- Malorie Maddox of WOWT won the 3rd Annual Hottest Female on Local TV contest for the 2nd time on Monday's show. She edged KETV's Brandi Pederson by 1 vote. Action 3 News anchor Kerri Stowell came in 3rd. Thanks for everyone who voted on the Biggie Awards and participated yesterday in the voting process. Malorie passes along a similar thanks and she will be joining us on the air at some point in the near future to talk about it.


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are there any openings for a radio position back east? I would really like to see you get back closer to home. Maybe there is an interm position or something. Just a though

happy new year

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