Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jays Are Just Bad Right Now....

I'm exhausted right now so I can't write a lot but there isn't much to write except the Jays are not a good basketball team right now. They are hoping on 3's, turning the ball over like crazy, and not playing with energy. They look like a team that has hit a wall....and maybe they have. They went to Canada and were more ready than other teams they played in the pre-conference but those teams are now caught up and passing CU.

Down by 1 at the half, the same starting five that has been killing the Jays came out and turned the ball over 3 times....great way to start the half. Even with P'Allen in foul trouble - he needs to get into the flow more...and that means START!

0-2 to start the Valley with a game Saturday At Missouri St.....should make it 0-3. Then home for Evansville but after - back on the road for 2 more. Very real possibility that the Jays will start the Conference schedule 1-5.....and that's without AT Southern and AT Drake. If they lose on Saturday night - a win in the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament might be the only way the Jays see the NCAA Tournament this year.


beav said...

Matt, you are missing the point. The Jays are losing because they are not very athletic. Hell, Indiana St. looked more athletic than Creighton. What is even more amazing is that their coach is too dense to start their best players. Stinnett and Lawson should be playing AT LEAST 30 mins. At the current pace, Creighton will be lucky to win 8 games.

sublime_fan27 said...

Creighton will hang with almost anybody….if they are hitting from behind the arc that is. It is painfully obvious that Creighton has 0 inside game. In a half-court game against a solid opponent, if they aren’t hot from 3-point land, they are more than likely going to lose. The Nebraska game is a perfect example of that. We all know that Nebraska would easily beat Creighton in a half-court game. Luckily for Creighton, they shot lights out from downtown that afternoon. Doesn’t really take away from the win, or make NU fans feel any better, but sorry Creighton fans, you aren’t going to shoot like that for the rest of the year.

It will be a long season for Creighton. I think they will end up ok, but it won’t be the season they thought they would have after the first 10 games. It’s still somewhat of a rebuilding year and that will catch up to them. They won’t make an at large bid to the Tourney this year. However, they are a team who could get hot from behind the arc for a few days and play their way in.

sublime_fan27 said...

Dana Altman sold his soul for a few big-timers. Creighton fans have this sense of entitlement, they truly believe that they are entitled to this Top 10 program status. Dana Altman made Creighton basketball what it is today. Yet, ungrateful Creighton fans with unrealistic expectations nearly drove him to Arkansas. So he’s at Creighton now, knowing that what he’s got won’t take him to the next level, so he sells his principles for a shot at the big-time. Makes for a good movie script, don’t you think?

The thing you Creighton fans don’t realize is that Dana Altman’s kryptonite is the big-time, egotistical players. That’s what got him ran out of K-State. We seen Dana first-hand have some problems with a few of last year’s big-shots. This year, he’s having a hard time with few more. Having a guy like P’Allen is great, but the kid is a lot different than the blue-collar basketball players that Dana likes to mold. That relationship will not work unless P’Allen changes a lot, and let’s face it, does anybody really honestly think he will?

Dana Altman sold his soul for some talent and it’s not working out. Sad. Dana is smart enough to realize the kids he needs though. I doubt there will be very more P’Allens in Creighton’s future.

Bill Swerski said...

"Sold his soul?" What does that even mean? Good recruiting is selling your soul now? Give me a break. Is there anything you pathetic Husker fans won't comment on? At least "beav" had an objective view of the state of CU basketball, but then you come with this crap?

Yeah, us Creighton fans must be so terrible that we drove Altman away. We certainly couldn't have had anything to do with his return though. I know you aren't familiar with the basketball postseason, but it's not unrealistic to expect an occasional sweet 16 run (or constant second round game) when the team makes the tourney 6 out of 8 years.

Expectations of success are never unrealistic - it's the whole point of playing sports. Even you expect success from your program. Although it would certainly seem irrational, it is not unrealistic. And if you don't expect success then you just don't care.

beav said...

The problem with Creighton basketball is NOT P'Allen Stinnett. The problem is their overall lack of athletism. I anticipate Altman trying to recruit more kids like P'Allen, Cavel, Kenny, Kenton ect. You cannot coach someone to be more athletic. Pierce Hbima may well be a helluva doctor someday, but he is not a basketball talent.

I cannot figure out why Altman doesn't better utilize his talent. There is no question that Stinnett and Lawson should be starting. Cavel and Woodfox should be getting more minutes. Altman doesn't play these guys more becuase of his system. Altman DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH PLAYERS THAT ARE BETTER THAN HIS SYSTEM. It seems that whenever a player tries to create a shot that is not within his offense, Altman pulls him out of the game. A smart basketball mind once told me that it is not smart to take a fast/athletic player and slow him down in a overly structured offense. As a coach you need to let your best players play agressively.

I cannot understand why Creighton players fall in love so much with the 3 rather than taking oppurtunities to drive to the basket. When you attack the basket you are either going to be fouled or you are going to score.

All of the above reasons are why I prefer the Doc Sadler style of basketball over the Dana Altman style of basketball. Doc Sadler teaches an extremely structured high pressure man-to-man defense. If a Nebraska player makes a defensive mistake or is not playing hard enough, then Sadler takes him out of the game. However, on offense, Sadler lets his playmakers be aggresive. Sadler's offensive systems allows his playmakers to make plays.

This is just a perspective from a non-creighton fan.