Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry I've Been Away

So I apologize for the lack of content on this blog of late.  I haven't been able to write because I have been in the middle of closing a deal for a new job and then I went to LA for the weekend (check out the sunset last night in Laguna!).  I still can't talk about the new opportunity but I'm really excited about it.  I also am working on some new things that will interest Bluejay basketball fans.  

Quickly, great day today for me.  1st - It's Patriots Day.  Awesome holiday to celebrate the amazing acts of our forefathers.  I'm reading "Burr" by Gore Vidal right now. Great book!  2nd. It's 420 :).  Always a fun day for us liberals.  3rd.  Red Sox beat the O's for a sweep.  Celtics have a huge playoff game vs. Chicago, and the Bruins go for a 3-0 lead on hated Montreal.  4th - The Boston Marathon was today!  Record finish for the women.  

I'm sitting in Orange County where it's 92 degrees waiting on my flight back to Omaha....can't beat this day eventhough I won't get to see much of the fun.  Happy Patriots/420 day! 

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